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How to get rid of gas pains quickly

To prevent gas, we can prepare an infusion of anise to eat before or after the main meals. We can also drink it when we begin to feel discomfort. Having gas is also a usual thing embarrassing; they accumulate in our gut, expand our abdomen and cause pain remaining caught in the folds of our colon. Numerous ... Continue Reading →

How to clear mucus from throat

Onion is an excellent anti-inflammatory and disinfectant. In addition to include your remedies against cough, you can place next to your bed when you sleep. There are different types of cough. In the case of the People ‘cough with phlegm, “there are specific symptoms and occasional natural ... Continue Reading →

Does benadryl help with hives

Hives is a rash that occurs suddenly. The skin becomes red and blotchy and small raised welts that look like mosquito bites appear everywhere. Although urticaria is rarely dangerous, it can be quite uncomfortable, unsightly and embarrassing. Sometimes the hives disappear almost as quickly as it appeared. ... Continue Reading →

How to stop an asthma attack without an inhaler

There is a specific part of the body that can allow you to calm an asthma attack within minutes. This is located under the left armpit in 90% of cases, sometimes under the right armpit or both sides but it is very rare. To find this: place your right hand flat on the left side of your chest so that your ... Continue Reading →

How to help with chest congestion

If you are not a fan infusions and similar drinks, try sprays eucalyptus, or put a few leaves in your pillow to ease your airways. I do not know if it is the same for you, but I can not stand to have a stuffy nose and congested chest. I feel stifling and drugs do not help me, they even end my dry mucous ... Continue Reading →

How to soothe a yeast infection

Although oral treatments are a great help, diet can play an important role in time to prevent or eliminate infections. Experts say that all women have suffered or will suffer one or more times a vaginal infection during their lives. But there are effective ways to prevent these vaginal infections, although ... Continue Reading →

spain Regional League

The clash between Real Madrid and PSG on Tuesday at the Santiago Bernabeu, could decide to 1st place in Group A in the Champions League during a fourth day also marked by the duel between Seville, taking the Europa League, and the ambitious and wealthy Manchester City. GrA: Real-PSG, 1st class shock Shakhtar ... Continue Reading →

Bleeding scrotum

Description The scrotum is a space where a significant amount of blood or fluid that may collect. Discoloration of the skin of the scrotum may or may not be associated with a scrotal hematoma. It all depends on where the bleeding is coming from. There are about seven different layers of tissue between ... Continue Reading →

Yerba mate benefits and side effects

Most of us are on the lookout for things that can make us feel better. Trying to be at our best all the time is exhausting, which is why it’s a relief when we finally get our hands on something that can improve our overall feeling of wellbeing. One of the most popular health items at the moment ... Continue Reading →

How to become anorexia nervosa

Anorexia, sometimes referred to as anorexia nervosa, is a mental health condition that changes the eating habits of those suffering from it. According to statistics, 8 million people in the USA suffer from anorexia at any given time. Despite the serious health risks associated with the disorder, more ... Continue Reading →