10 Questions You MUST Ask Before Buying a House – Thrift Diving

What questions should you ask before buying a house? Here are my top 10 questions! Want the rest of the list of 30 questions to take along to Open Houses?
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20 Responses to 10 Questions You MUST Ask Before Buying a House – Thrift Diving

  1. catgirldo

    Your questions and answers are 100% absolutely bang-on. In the 1st 3 months I lived in my new home (built in 1972 but I purchased it May 2016) I had to have 2 massive pine trees cut down in the patio area, had not noticed there was no sidewalk leading to the sidewall – a distance of 200 feet in grass that was infested with moles who create a health hazard in the ground, and found out next door neighbor (hahaha – I laugh) is a foul-mouth bad-tempered fool. I truly wish I had had the presence of mind to ask the hard questions or to have noticed things I was taking for granted in the neighborhood where I'd lived for 35 years. I would add one more piece of advice: drive through the neighborhood on different days of the week & different times of the day to see what kinds of activities are taking place.

  2. Swordbird98

    when my parents bought their house there was carpet in the bathroom and the entrance to the basement was in the middle of the living room (literally a hole in the floor with a fence around it)

    yet my mom was surprised that the windows had a draft

  3. flagrl561

    We just closed on first home in September. I wished I knew to look at the trees and windows! I now have to pay for tree to be cut down. Sigh. We are saving to get impact windows in a few years.

  4. PrettyNaturalSister

    I watch every single video you upload and this by far was the greatest ever. I've been in my home 23 years and paid it off but still learned something.

  5. rubymimosa

    I feel sooo old. The only trees we have are in our backyard and all are volunteers that grew from bird droppings (including a beautiful intertwined fig and maple). Our front yard looks like it constantly needs raking. None of the leaves or even trees in our yard are “ours” by intention. All came from neighbors’ trees.
    ps: we have no sidewalks which is horrid for burning paws on walks but there is so little traffic it isn’t a concern for kids or pets. There literally are those sand/water base basketball hoops everywhere because the streets see so little traffic; in fact we never touch the gas pedal on our car in the neighborhood except after 1 stop sign. My son drove a dualie-dualie dodge truck (because I’m paranoid and a tank could hit him and he’d be ok). When he would come home he’d turn the engine off at the neighborhood entrance and coast in (his engine was loud). Perfect levels of “traffic” for me!

  6. Emma

    Great advice, thank you, many things there I didn't think of doing. 🏡🏠🏘

  7. Amy Ray

    Excellent advice!!!

  8. Crazy About Creativity

    Me and my family had a very bad experience with mold.We got very sick.Not many doctors know about the effect toxic mold has on the body.We had to get rid of/leave alot of our stuff,anything porus (not sure how to spell that)like paper,fabric,a couch. Warning,be careful when you fix the problem your not stirring up the spores too much.When we were looking for a new house a big thing we were looking for was no carpet and that the land slopes away from the house.

  9. Maureen Rosewag

    All of those questions are so right. When I buy my next house my sons will check out that list and more. Another thing watch your realiter some of them just want to sell you that house and get their money.And above all get a good inspector who is working for you.

  10. Sally Martin

    Oh, and the large dirt pile in our back yard was not all dirt. It was dead cats in garbage bags.

  11. Sally Martin

    Our first house was a money pit. The house now is mostly cosmetic. We do have a dead tree that needs removed ASAP.

  12. Mr Green eyes

    You make me laugh funny intro 10000 steps lol. Serena I must say as a hot blooded male you are certainly looking like a hot mama hope you dont mind the complement . your husbands a lucky man 👍 😎

  13. NebulousNattie

    I'm new to your channel. Are you planning to stay in your home? Almost all of your questions are ones I wish I knew before we moved into our first home, 4 years ago!

  14. LOL'sMom

    I really should have talked to the neighbors before buying my house. There are quite a few houses on my block you can hear people yelling at each other. And then a next door neighbor, who had moved in after we bought the house, was raided by police during a drug bust. Luckily the new neighbor is much nicer.

  15. Regina Deloris

    "Hi Serena"
    I totally agree with 6, 7 and 8.
    Foundational issues, bad neighbors and people who have no concern for their yards or cars.
    Tend to have, little to no concern or care for anything including their neighbors.
    Other than the three I mentioned above.
    The other items you listed are problems I too have dealt with at one point or another .
    No of which I mind.
    Some things are expected with older homes.
    But yessss no HMO's!
    Why spend the rest of your life paying someone else to live in your home even after you finished your mortgage 👎.
    👏Great, video, great list 👏!

  16. Booxn Moore

    A young cousin and her family ended up constantly sick, with one thing and another, several months after they'd bought their first home. They had an inspector in that specializes in mold issues. He immediately told them to MOVE OUT NOW and do not take anything with you! Their mold problem was extreme, but that's scary stuff.

  17. angelika T

    Wow, great questions you answered! Super video! Thank you.

  18. Nienke Perdomo

    Neighbors can really be a problem. My folks had them try to steal part of the land on the day they got their key. And an other stole most of our plants. Even tho it where half a million homes. Sometimes you can Only see the bad things when you gut the home. We had the Walls full with dead rat skelets. And found out old electricy had burn marks in the wall and was conected to our waterline in the shower. We paid hefty money for the inspecion not to show us these results. My tip is recisit a house with someone who know about construcion.

  19. arealmoviefan

    Great Iist! I bought a house about 2 years ago. It took me almost a year to find the right house because I had a list similar to yours. In different parts of the country you look for different things. In New England you don't want sidewalks or fire hydrants because of snow shoveling.

  20. Hello Bonjour

    And so basically, you're telling me to house hunt during spring time 😂