10 reasons why to buy real estate in Thailand

Thailand real estate boom is about to be realized. Now with other Asian property markets over priced the next boom destination is Thailand. I believe Thailand to be the hottest property market in the world right now. Watch this video to find out why.

After seeing a VLOG by Harald Baldr entitled “5 reasons why not to buy condo in bangkok” it inspired me to make this VLOG and reply to Mr. Baldr. I believe strongly that Thailand is one of the best places in the world to live and own real estate.

Property in Bangkok and Pattaya is severely undervalued and underestimated. Join us and together we can ride the wave in to success with Thai real estate boom. Buy while prices are still low and buy into the next property market boom which is happening right now in Thailand.

20 Responses to 10 reasons why to buy real estate in Thailand

  1. Tone B

    Some Homes are in Thailand are $22,000.00 USA Dollars( i.e. federal reserve notes). Iā€™d have to research them first.

  2. Billy The kid

    The only thing you can own in Thailand 100% is a condo a car and and motorbike as a foreigner . House businesses etc 51% thai 49% foreigner you can get fucked when you least expect it. Ive lived in Thailand for 11 years i know the laws here unfortunately

  3. Toro sharp edge

    You own the building but not the land. I think buy property "condo, apartment" in foreign country is the stupid thing to do.
    If something happens you never get law on your side.
    Yes 50years build permit. But if developer leave your building no one will maintain the building and you fuckup.

  4. Traps R US

    You will never own the land that the building with condos sits on and you can only own 49% of the building. That is the Thailand law. you can, however, get a 30-year lease on land.

  5. Traps R US

    . It is illegal for any foreigners to own land in Thailand. the video i have included will explain why.

  6. jeff barret

    Harald Baldr is a Norwegian nonce.

  7. Brainstorm Becomestronger

    Is anyone in here interested in land at south of thailand ?

  8. Postcards Of Life

    Look at Ocean View condominiums in Bangsaray!!! CW Asset, the supposed builders have ripped off buyers who paid in advance by taking their money and not building the condos. Beware extremely aware of fraud like this in Thailand.

  9. Gregory Fortner

    I do not care to live in a big city.

  10. Jean Pierre Germain

    Thailand is dengarouse country for the foreigner to invest and buy condo or house you will lose all your investment as No protection for foreigners in Thailand Thais are take care of Thai and they do not like Foreigner only they like your money do not trust Thai co. corporet. corruption is Hi and safety of driving or showing you have money you are in unsafe place

  11. padraic

    you only lease for 30 years thats it , not 60 are 90 years that you hear you sign a lease for 30 years after that your out are have to pay millions to get new lease . so dont belive all that bullshite on line , i own a condo in bangkok @ rama 3 but im ok with it as i will pass it on to my son other than that keep away . JUST RENT ITS CHEAPER

  12. john james

    Stupid scammer
    Expensive in aus because great investment u can rent aus property for lots and will always hold its money
    U shitty condo in bkk maitance goes up in Thai and the firms running them let them go lol clueless another white buffalo from Australia inbred

  13. Rogue Male

    Three golden rules for expats: Never ever buy property,go into business or enter a relationship with a native.

  14. Thai Tastic

    Good video thanks

  15. nikyyo

    But you didn't address the issues that Harold Baldr brings up! Come on now!

  16. Richard Jones

    Comparing your countries cost with Thailand makes NO sense! It is what it is, I guess. Cost does not go up for the house you own no matter how long you stay there so No gains at all! You must be a real estate salesman. LOL. Foolish! Will not argue as I know real estate. Bought more houses than I could possible talk about and reason why and why not. You are not figuring in all the do's and don't. But if your happy for now I guess all is good for you. But I can only lead a horse to water but can not make him drink! LOL. Just your luck my friend. Good luck to you living over there. šŸ™‚

  17. David Heslop

    Evan Thais get caught,A friend of my wife bought a detached house 2 ks from Hua Hin overlooking the beach 12 million Baht from a Thai builder within a year the doors and window would not open or close, apparently virtually no foundations,her husband since passed away and she been try to sell no offers evan at 8 million.

  18. David Heslop

    never buy in thailand rent is cheap,here a story for you, a couple I know bought a house on the river kwai, his thai wife sold it while he was visiting his mother ,if you can't buy in your own name don't buy.

  19. ted

    Why do you feel the need to promote buying a property in Thailand?

  20. Russell Brain

    poor old Australia . As for Aussies waking up – forget it – we're too dumb . Thailand is just soooooo much better . We take sooooo long to build anything here – too many regulations .
    I would , however , be very careful about "Ownership" in Thailand . There are a lot of scams .