15 Things to Check BEFORE You Buy a House

Before you pull the trigger to buy a house or condo, you really need to thoroughly know what you are buying. There are many aspect of the home and its environment to take into consideration. Natural disaster types to watch out of, flood zones, environmental aspect such as pollution level, crime level, just to name a few. Buying a home represents a large part of our total finances and so care must be taken before you sign on the dotted line.

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20 Responses to 15 Things to Check BEFORE You Buy a House

  1. Navepreet Brar

    Dude, you are awesome!

  2. FW Poon

    How about plumbing issues?

  3. a64750

    or Watch flip or flop, HGTV fixer-upper, Property Brothers. There's a myriad of real damage under the dry wall


    Good info bro

  5. Suzanne Berry

    Lots of great ideas. Make sure the inspector knows what he's doing. Not all inspectors are created equal. Most states require lead paint test if house was built before 197X, termite inspections standard. Many states require a radon test. To check freeway noise, go to house during rush hour, not just weekend. Single-pane windows can be made more efficient with storm windows instead of replacement windows. Some community colleges have classes on buying your first home. Finally, buying is not always your best option. If you might change jobs or job locations, if you might want to move into a different school district, or if you might need to relocate for any reason; you want the flexibility renting offers. Lots of great ideas here I hadn't thought of.

  6. Michael King

    "feel the shaking"
    You say that as they use a jackhammer two houses down

  7. Stephanie Smith

    As usually, super helpful and realistic! Take pride in your smarts bush!!!

  8. White Kita

    before you buy a home make sure to check if the neighbors don't have any dogs out 24/7…because that might mean lots of barking and or howling sounds all night….aka not very good or not enough sleep for you which will  effect your health and living quality…….

  9. Evan A

    I kinda enjoy freeway noise.

  10. Ernie Estrada

    to just add my two cents worth…watch out  if the property is over a flight path (if you even care) and non permitted additions to your property.


    Thanks for the info, It really helps,

  12. Eddie Imperial

    March 9, 1933: Senate Document No. 43, 73rd Congress, 1st Session states: "The ownership of all property is in the State; individual so called "ownership" is only by virtue of Government, i.e., law amounting to mere user: and use must be in accordance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the State.

  13. UptownSport

    An expansion on #5, 6 and 7; are the owners, neighbors or agents litigious, or criminals? You might move into the best deal on earth, but if you have a crazy neighbor, it could turn into a nightmare. Some people play civil suits- even if wrong they know you won't be able to afford fight to a win- It's cheaper to just concede. And associations- They're usually ran by people with nothing else to do than make your life miserable, and you really don't have any say if they suddenly want to replace all the roofs, or think all the siding is 'outdated.' this means 'assessments,' on top of mortgage, tax, insurance and association fees. You really have zero rights. Last, associations and property management can be corrupt, or even conspiring! It's difficult to impossible to fight, and you hear lots and lots of frustration with associations. Great video, it's such a vast subject that it's daunting to foresee all the possible buried landmines!

  14. sogerc1

    Can you please clarify #6 for me? Is that a personal preference kind of thing ( I don't believe in ghosts 🙂 ) or is there some sort of a risk involved?

  15. AceRacc

    What if the sex offender is selling the house?

  16. Irish Marion

    will you do a vid on the best methods or apps for calculating PITI, monthly mortgage, down payments, closing costs, etc.

  17. Criosphynx

    another thing I considered is make sure that there is at least one room or more you could rent out if you had to if you did lose your job. I'd rather rent out my rooms and sleep in the living room than lose the house during a temporary recession.

    I know renting is "cheaper" long run, but that doesn't work in certain markets. We are about to be priced out of renting here in so cal and one reason for buying was to have "rent control"

  18. Larry

    Financing a house is not buying a house. And the number one thing to check is that you can easily afford any amount you might finance.

  19. Fenix86

    Actually you don't need a professional to test your lead paint – just take a scraper and take about 100g of paint and then put it in a plastic bag and send it in to a lab of choice to test for lead. Wash hands, scrub well. Done

  20. Gerson Rod

    Please add sea level rise to your list.. It is estimated that 2.3m for every 1o Celsius of temperature increase worldwide, but it varies on location, such as Alaska with higher risk due being close to glacials https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sea_level_rise