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Real Estate Show: 4 Ways to Buy Real Estate

There is no shortage of money on planet earth. You don’t need your money in dead real estate—you need income producing real estate. Unless you are making $50 million a year, you don’t need to be investing in a house. Flipping a home is not real estate investing either, it is a sales job. The way you learn real estate is with your feet, you have to walk properties.

Here are 4 ways to invest:

1) Yourself
3) Syndication
4) What GC does

Learn about each of these 4 ways in this episode, and why way #4 is the only way you need to go.

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20 Responses to 4 Ways to Buy Real Estate – Real Estate investing Made Simple

  1. Rudolfo Trevizo

    Would you be willing to lend me money to buy my first apartment complex if I transfer the ownership of my whole life insurance policy to you if I don't pay you back? I found this 7602 W Palmaire Ave Glendale, AZ 85303 property with an NOI of $35,193.60 using your math, if I divide it by 0.0725 I get $485.428.96 which I think means is how much debt I can have on this.

  2. Caleb Young

    Is there an age limit for investing in real estate?

  3. John Sarnie

    GC on protein bars: "it's a candy bar man, 32 grams of sugar"🙂

  4. Innovate Constantly

    Out of the 4 ways which would be the best to get started in

  5. Jstack Legacy

    Hello, Grant what type of property do you suggest a beginner investor to invest in?

  6. Michael Lee

    I am currently 61 and have only saved about 20k. My wife has been saving for about 25 years that totals about 300K but you would think she was broke. Unfortunately, about 6 years ago I had a brain annuerysm and a stroke and still cannot walk. My wife is tired of helping me, what are my options? Just so you know, I was in the construction business and had a realtor license for about 30 years.

  7. Marty Ozaeta

    When getting money from other investors for a deal, what's the best way to go about this?

  8. Richard McBane

    "You can call a protein bar protein if you want but it's not it's a fucking candy bar!" classic

  9. MahruhDZN

    im new to this but my question is could you live in the property you bought with it paying off rent or tenants paying u?

  10. Benson Opoku

    Thanks and God bless you

  11. RichKing

    At about 28:30 you talk about investing in yourself. What do you man by that??

  12. Juan Carlos Mugica

    Hey if you need to ask every single thing to your staff let them do the Video..and nothing it's free ,either your Videos or time

  13. Kamesha Smith

    Hello I should receive a settlement in January for 100K should I buy a house or invest in a income property?

  14. Steve Day

    I'm on the right track now, everything is so focused because of your help. I have been doing the right things for a while, just didn't know how to put everything together. Thank you GC for sharing…you are appreciated.

  15. Omaha Lawnscaping Solutions, LLC

    when he threw that wipe at the board and said "thats nasty" i lost it

  16. Consultant Power Marketing

    Thank you for dropping an F-bomb. Keepin it real. I get comfortable and do that too.


    Grant doesn't have a book on real estate investing? Some of us prefer books over videos.

  18. Takee Brockman

    How much do you charge businesses to embed their ads directly into your videos opposed to youtube ?

  19. ApocAllStar

    I'm 16 and already jumpin on the game.

  20. Lukacs Anthony