8 Steps to Cash Flow From Real Estate Investments W/ J. Massey

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Prior to real estate investing, J. Massey held positions in insurance and financial planning. But when he got hit by a stroke of bad luck and some serious health issues that caused him to be unable to work, J found himself barely able to afford lunch with a credit score of 398. Starting from truly humble beginnings, J. ventured into Real Estate entrepreneurship, and decided to focus his attention on looking for investment opportunities (a.k.a., problems to solve through real estate transactions). He started closing deals and eventually began teaching others how to find and manage similar opportunities, leading him to become a full-time real estate investor, entrepreneur, popular podcast host, author, speaker, coach and all-around problem solver. He currently owns hundreds of units of properties and has completed hundreds more real estate transactions across several states. Well known for providing Real Estate advice and strategies as the CEO and host of Cash Flow Diary, J’s goal is to help new and experienced investors maximize their success and potential through his simple yet very effective platform for success.

4 Responses to 8 Steps to Cash Flow From Real Estate Investments W/ J. Massey

  1. Chris Dorsey

    You're very knowledgeable my brother!

  2. Gio Rollinz

    Everyone wants desert but nobody wants to eat dinner… FACTS

  3. Terry Low

    "Comfort kills dreams" – love that mantra.

  4. Elijah L

    Great video. Everything hes saying makes sense and real estate is a great vehicle in my opinion

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