Un boxing the tohatsu MFS9.8A3 you will find along with the engine tohatsu provide a fuel tank and line (13 litre) along with the usual trimmings such as owners manual, warranty service book, small useless tool kit etc. The new tohatsu outboards 9.8hp 4 stroke engine is well presented, painted in ‘aqua’ as its called by the manufacturers which is really just dark blue, the decals have a pleasing lighter blue splash giving a watery feel to the machine, overall a robust feeling engine as is expected from all new outboards for sale these days. Its dimensions and vital statistics are pretty much standard for a new 10hp 4 stroke, this engine is exactly the same motor as the 8 and 9.8hp 4 stroke by mariner outboards and mercury marine who share their breeding with Tohatsu outboards in all their line up from 2.5hp 4 stroke through 30hp 4 stroke. Weight is bang in the middle at 38kg, engine size is the industry standard 200 – 250cc (the tohatsu is 210cc) for a 10hp, and dimensions are what you would expect from a 4 stroke outboard engine of this size, for full schematic see: tohatsu.com/outboards/9_8_s4t.html . Its not the lightest of the new 10hp outboards for sale (the parsun F9.8 is the lightest at 35kg).
To the test, I was off the Derwentwater in Cumbria for a little fly fishing and didn’t want to run the engine in ‘on the job’ so I stuck it in the test tank at work and did the obligatory running in there, the engine was easy to start (started 3rd pull from cold out of the box) and fairly quiet, it was a little lumpy at tickover for a 4 stoke but there is no balancing shaft to save weight and the uneven ness was not anything that I found offensive, that said the tickover was reliable which is all one wants and expects from tohatsu outboards.

After run-in the engine went in the car – tiller side down as it’s a 4 stroke and laying it on the crankcase breather side is a no no if you (like me) are using your wife’s car, I didn’t think she would take lightly a big oil slick in the boot of her 1 series!! Once at the water edge I inflated my trusty seapro 310HD heavy duty inflatable boat using the Genovo digital 12v boat pump connected to the car battery (these inflatable boat pumps are awesome, they have a digital readout showing set pressure and current pressure, they have auto shutoff, they are the highest volume inflatable pump on the market!), it had the boat inflated in 5 minutes.