Remodeling or Adding Space: Which One is More Practical for a Growing Family? One obvious reason for extending your home is to add space into something that you or your family can utilize. What this mean means is that you are making rearrangements in your home to have extra space for the use of the whole family for some function or it can also means that you are adding space to the already existing one since your family is growing fast. While in most cases, families across America look into recreating an already given space by remodeling them, others are taking the full advantage of the numerous benefits that a home addition provides. This is the reason why it is argued that when you look at the various ways to add space to your house, no other method matches the house addition. And unless you are adding a second story, you might have to lose yard space that will be hard to recover, but let’s take a look at why it is still nonetheless more advantageous. Think of it this way, when you remodel your house, what you are doing is just actually rearranging the layout by adding a space here and subtracting a space there. When you add a usable square footage to your house, this is actually adding real space to your house and not just rearranging it. Adding space to your home means widening your kitchen space, widening your bathroom, bedroom or adding another room for your family. You can get great results even if you simply add a small space which is not necessarily a complete room.
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The thing is you have to add a permanent roofing structure that is either attached to or separated from the main house, depending on how you want to use the added space. But it is no secret that more kids are moving back home after they graduate, and housing them in an extra space can be an invaluable approach.
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Also, adding space to your house is a lot cheaper than looking for a bigger house. Other than that, the commotion that goes along in looking and negotiating for new house, the hassle of packing and moving or all that is involved in transferring, including even a new neighborhood, all these conjures to a less complicated task of figuring out how much space you need in addition to what you already have. Simply put, home addition can transform your current residence into the dream home that you have always craved or wanted to have. Besides, home addition is also a lot cheaper than home remodeling, since you are simply building a new structure whereas in home remodeling you start by demolishing everything before putting them back together again in a different fashion which can cost you a lot. it is also more affordable than moving to a new home with a bigger space.