Why Gay is Best than Straight

There were in fact research made about the discussed peculiarity in women’s consumption habits. Gay actually is overwhelming and is also the most preferred and one of the popularly watched genre of.

Studies in fact states that about 82% of women in fact prefers gay with all others while about 90% of studies also stated that they while they are watching it. With the study made, about 53% watched lesbian themed and there’s about 68% who actually watched heterosexual.

The data on some actually seem to back the prevalence with data. With other sites, self identified females actually prefers gay compared to others.

This is why everyone asks, why the preference on male dominated gay? People’s preferences can actually be touchy and without being anonymous, this can become difficult in getting the real answer. There actually are various reasons and opinions of women why they love videos.

The first reason to this is that straight actually is not realistic. Many women prefers gay some women find the women moans in straight to be off putting. There in fact are many women who in fact gets weird regarding it.

Gay also makes more sense. A lot of women actually finds gay as something that’s more sensual. There are more kissing, heavy make outs and looks more that they actually enjoy it.

Gay stars likewise looks more attractive. There actually are so many women who in fact gets turned on while they watch two men who are having sex. Some women usually say that gay is actually best and this is able to turn them on more than the straight.

Two attractive guys having sex is hotter and is likewise less fake. Some women in fact are not attracted to watching videos that have girls because they don’t want to compare themselves to them. Two men who are having sex in fact is better looking for a lot of women and they also find this to be hotter.

Some girls don’t like straight because they find the actress to be not enjoying the sex. Some also find the sex positions to be boring or not enjoyable and there also are a lot of videos that are actually abusive to the lady. There are some also who thinks that some straight videos are just too much because some of its ladies are being maltreated while they are having sex.

There in fact are so many women who actually prefers looking at gay males who engages on what they think is to be a fun sexual encounter than the case with attractive women who pretends as lesbians for straight men.

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