Are Condos A Good Investment?

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20 Responses to Are Condos A Good Investment?

  1. Isaac Spencer

    Never met a person yet who has bought one and kept it very long. 3 or 4 years later they are ready to bail.

  2. leb saly

    A condo in the Sihanoukville province , Cambodia for $77900 and rent it out. Help you with everything

  3. leb saly

    Get a condo in the Sihanoukville province , Cambodia and rent it out. Help you with everything.

  4. Edrosel

    Get a condo in the Philippines and rent it out. Help you with everything. Hit me!

  5. swankrecords

    Condoms Are A Good Investment.

  6. Noc4ball

    Condos are only a good investment if the value appreciates by quite a bit… otherwise, no. Why? HOA fees add up.

  7. Condo Connections | Condos For Sale

    Of course WE like Condos. Whether you're looking at one for yourself or as an investment… they can be awe-some! Thanks for the valuable information. Keep it coming.

  8. Musa I of Mali

    Great answer.

  9. Kay Farquar

    Make sure you find out all about Special Assessments. The board can increase the maintenance to pay for a special project. Not fun.

  10. lucas m

    Wow your lives are cheap. Here in LA $200,000 will get you a dog house. You need $400k to get a decent little condo.

  11. Musa I of Mali

    You won't care about the value going up if it's dirt cheap and you you can rent it out for a certain amount. You'll make your money on your tenants and your tax refunds every year.

  12. Karen Rose

    I own one of 14 units in North Hollywood, CA Right now there are 3 of us who rent them out. The Association just came up with a new rule in the CC&R's. Only owners of 3 of the 14 units are allowed to rent to tenants. Everybody else who wants to rent their unit has to get on a waiting list. Please have your realtor check to see if this law applies to any condo or townhouse that you want to buy for investment.

  13. Sensible Mind

    Condos can in some cases be a good investment. The secret is to find ones in a desirable neighborhood with low assessments hold it for a few years and get out before he assessments go up. The biggest winner on condos is the developer. They were originally designed to help developers make more money from one building.

  14. Violet Tippet

    My parents bought a condo, and it's 4x the price of what it was worth.

  15. Thugwave

    I like this guy!

  16. thatcoolkidjoey

    where was this video two years ago would have saved me a lot of hassle

  17. Shannon Suber

    I thought the title said condoms when i clicked it haha

  18. Melannie

    a condo in Toronto is $400,000+. for a one bedroom.

    not sure that's a good investment

  19. valentino

    I bought a condo that had a 40 dollar a month association fee and on year five I was paying 250. Sold it at a loss. Condos are a BAD INVESTMENT PERIOD!!!!

  20. Simon K

    I like this country guy, he talk money