Are We Buying A House?!!

Hi everyone!! We had such a fun week, Winston started school, Gage had football, and we celebrated Brailee’s birthday!! Layla is feeling good, her skin tag did fall off, you’ll see that in an upcoming vlog!! Oh ya, yes, we are buying a house!! I can’t wait to tell you more about that soon!! Thank you so much for watching!!:)
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20 Responses to Are We Buying A House?!!

  1. Jenn

    lol that's Flag football not actual football! Which is weird cause I know they have real football for kids his age.

  2. Mia P

    You should have him do tackle football my brother does it and he loves it

  3. HouseMDaddict

    I always liked nutcrackers too! My mom was always creeped out by them and never understood why I liked them

  4. Jemimah Angeles

    Winston looks like gage so much

  5. The Patsy Family

    Congrats on the new house πŸ™‚

  6. Kelsey O'Brien

    Aww Winston is so big and all his words and sentences! Omg so cute

  7. Kayla N.

    The last time I saw Winston was when he was still in a diaper and walking around the house

  8. lakesha henerath

    Layla is soooooooo cute

  9. lakesha henerath

    Winston looks soooo much like his big bro

  10. Georgia Ma3

    Winston has grown up wayyyyyy to quick 😟

  11. W!nlyn

    red? cause you're in your beautiful youth. Amazing, active so sweet kids. so love that they support mommy vlogging. love your vlogs!

  12. abbie hitchins

    do they still have A dad

  13. addie jo

    why is it so hard to remember a coat

  14. Mai See Xiong

    Hahah Braille and her crush lol

  15. lisalu101

    Omg Winston looks like he was about to cry at 1:05 when you asked him if he will miss you 😩😭

  16. AJoy2 Teach

    I must’ve zoned out….when did she mention moving???

  17. TheNails3

    Your vlogs are so awesome, Kayli! So cosy and fun. That sunset was stunning! And baby Layla talking at the end was adorable!

  18. Sydney Smith

    I've been on and off with watching and haven't watched your vlogs in almost 1.5 years but coming back and seeing the transformation of your family is crazy. Brai is drop dead gorgeous!!! Gage is a mini Logan, and Winston and Layla are cuter than ever! And of course Kayli hasn't aged one bit and doesn't look a day over 25.

  19. Mary Elaine

    Wasn't Winston born like yesterday? πŸ˜‚

  20. Tori Angel

    i remember when winston was a lil baby