Armando Montelongo Flip This House San Antonio Cottage House Full Episode HD

Armando Montelongo Flip This House San Antonio Cottage House Full Episode HD

20 Responses to Armando Montelongo Flip This House San Antonio Cottage House Full Episode HD

  1. Tts -

    This guy needs to be tested for some form of retardation.

  2. Martin Gonzalez

    Chris sounds like he might have a little bit of assbugers

  3. steve love

    Veronica is gone. Armando now has a blondie.

  4. sal. Barr

    This dude had a super man ring done deal

  5. steve love

    Chris ended up on Seducing Cindy and getting punked.

  6. steve love

    This Chris guy was on Seducing Cindy and got punked by some 5 foot tall truck driver calling him Flipper.

  7. SophieLaF0ntaine

    Chris is such a fucking loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. gabino ortiz

    ide rather buy the house cheap and fix it myself!!!!!

  9. fordlandau

    Christopher is a major queen

  10. Dustan Crouch

    The snails have more drive and ambition that Chris.

  11. Dustan Crouch

    That little fuck up of an apprentice has got to be a staged actor. Paint all over the floor? What the fuck is he even doing at the job site and why waste your time with such a pathetic person? Gotta be staged. He brings absolutely nothing but a headache to the project.

  12. Phyllis Arrington

    so I guess he put a stop on the $5000 check given to the 1st contractor?

  13. Lets Go gaming and more

    The media room is ugly

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  15. techracer2003

    Should have put a 4×12 ceiling flushed beam and notch the end at the exterior wall to support the roof instead of that ugly middle wall at 40:43

  16. lbest7290

    Let me reiterate, this guy, Chris is a jerk! Get rid of him!

  17. valerie rodriguez

    Poor Chris, he's trying so hard

  18. lbest7290

    wow! you guys have a lot of patients with this jerk, Chris. Most people would have gotten rid of him. He thinks he knows everything
    before he starts! Not a good student. And he doesn't even listen to you. What a punk!

  19. clark

    I'd fuck the shit out of Veronica

  20. Biz Diva

    At some point you have to acknowledge when a person is mentally or emotionally incapable of the load you're trying to put upon them. This deficiency has not been overcome with suggestions such as "follow my lead" etc. He can't cut it. Do him and yourselves a favor and let him go. He won't be happy with you doing lesser tasks and you can't afford to give him greater ones. Let him go before he either ruins a job or snaps.