Armando Montelongo Flip This House San Antonio Estate Sale House Full Episode HD

Armando Montelongo Flip This House San Antonio Estate Sale House Full Episode HD

20 Responses to Armando Montelongo Flip This House San Antonio Estate Sale House Full Episode HD

  1. mama mia

    Flipper upper do beter and no one works for them they do it themselves

  2. mama mia

    It's not bout the money it's about the HOUSE and how it looks after ….stop being cheap ass and greedy armondo

  3. RiverRat 2112

    Armondo sure turned out to be a sleaze, didn't he?

  4. kai summers

    Y they buy him a dollhouse lol

  5. Leslie Bartley

    Poor little piggy.

  6. sal. Barr

    Ok they coached that little bitch ass snotnose kid

  7. SkankHunt42

    Armando seems like a major douche.

  8. David Knight

    She is beautiful

  9. Steff Tabalong

    That's an ugly kitchen. Should have listened to veronica.

  10. Stakd Building

    what a egotistic ass.

  11. Mary Aylward

    Mondoman is such a darling boy 🙂

  12. Mykahli

    Let's not forget, this is reality TV. 70% of this is bullshit. Those surprise overages were known before filming and agreed upon. Producers add stuff like this for drama.

  13. liverightandexercise

    great info…… heres a webinar on flipping houses taught by Barbara from Shark Tank. Follow the link !!!!

  14. Chrissy Of Oldstones

    hideous countertops

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  16. Mejo Varghese

    I live in Canada and these house even if the house need renovation, the price will be 500K

  17. Snapmode kidd

    I like this show my first time seeing it..

  18. Penny Pincher

    Poor Randy and Brent

  19. JustasIam147

    after watching flipping out with jeff lewis all this stuff looks cheap and tacky

  20. Jim Taylor

    What do you think of Steve's warning?