Armando Montelongo Flip This House San Antonio Eviction House Full Episode High Definition

Armando Montelongo Flip This House San Antonio Eviction House Full Episode High Definition

20 Responses to Armando Montelongo Flip This House San Antonio Eviction House Full Episode High Definition

  1. Yunting Lin

    how is possible to do all that renovations with such low budget…. IMPOSSIBLE

  2. neolithiumproduction

    I would not work for Armando. The bs he puts his staff through, on top of hiring contract workers that can't even speak english? Such $hit. I really felt for Brent throughout this whole episode. All this BS because Armando wants to make a profit. He should have did the budget himself if he was that hard up on it.

  3. Zoe Cooke

    Wow who wants a landlord like that?!? Ive found this group to be a good place to find out landlords.

  4. SkankHunt42

    Seems like exploitation to me.

  5. Mary 117

    This guy should be a shame to even post this house and say that he owns this! The location of this house is horrible!

  6. TheHaratashi

    What a scammer.

  7. a64750

    What a crap house

  8. ThePhoenix

    Armando is a fucking douchenozzle, threatening to dock someone's pay if they go over budget. This guy is a fucking loser.

  9. jasperstekelenburg

    23:14 she parks it strait on the handicapped spot

  10. Mykahli

    This is fucked up, why does he have to learn Spanish? Wetback needs to learn English!! Second, why are they wasting time on Spanish lessons for? I tuned in to watch the flip!

  11. Adam Horton

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  12. tina thompson

    Brent learning Spanish vs. the workers learning English. Any misunderstandings in communication is not Brent's fault. That bitch (puta), Veronica is humiliating Brent deliberately. They're in the US where the official language is English. She should be using English flash cards on that worker.

  13. Heelcrackbangs

    This man has the charisma of an index finger. People can trash your property because you are an absentee landlord and a slumlord at that. This show is boring.

  14. johnathan Black

    At least get your guys some gloves, or is your insurance just cool like that.

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  16. Jazman Smith

    If this is Armondos rental property, doesn't it mean it already looked like shit before he got some tenants??? I really doubt tenants would do all that to place that isn't theirs. He prob rented it out in that condition so why is he acting like these problems are new???

  17. Delvin Walton

    osb flooring is cheap

  18. Allan Foglio

    I would hate to buy on of Motalangos flips!!

  19. Ivan Drago

    I can't believe how cheap the houses are in America.

  20. Penny Pincher

    (Tagalog)Pader= Wall