Armando Montelongo Flip This House San Antonio Movie Star House Full Episode High Definition

The 3 D’s Death Disease and Divorce.

20 Responses to Armando Montelongo Flip This House San Antonio Movie Star House Full Episode High Definition

  1. a64750

    Death, disease, divorce. Vulture's a scavenge bird Shark, dolphin, whale. Life's a facade.

  2. pheebe tio

    Armando needs to learn to treat people n animals w respect, those tough act is so annoying

  3. Mykahli

    niggers and wetbacks are not trustworthy

  4. Mykahli

    Fuck the house, keep the bees. Anybody for tea?

  5. 7Sandie

    what a lazy slob he is!!! and if he's borrowing money from the bank for a small reno he's not that successful!!


    David – Voice of Reason

  7. MrEndzo

    He's an ass.

  8. Jake Blake

    Armando makes money ripping people off that's his million dollar secret fucken shit how can a a filthy animal do that just to get rich.

  9. Jake Blake

    Armandos a dumbass

  10. valerie rodriguez

    Bathroom is ugly af

  11. valerie rodriguez

    The kitchen sucks

  12. darvin letren

    Armando pissed me off so much this episode. Entitled ass

  13. Officer Gregory Stevens

    Who the hell would spray that much or really any amount of a neurotoxic insect killer and NOT wear at least a clnical mask?

  14. Officer Gregory Stevens

    His wife is such a dumbass.. Jesus. Stop talking like a baby, too.. your voice is so high and you're a grown woman..

  15. Linda Gallagher

    Someone should chain him up like he did to the dog so he couldn't lay down.

  16. Alejandro Lopez

    Why are they trying to look for someone to take pictures of the house when they got a whole camera crew following them the whole time

  17. Dylan Meehan

    Susan she wasn't forced to

  18. Susan Anderson

    We are convinced there is one lazy person pushing laborers beyond the point of brink. Making the ladies go in and kill the bees meanwhile he sits on his lazy arse drinking again. Bees are dying off then they just go in and kill them, iodiotic. Flash the wealth and be disrespectful to everyone. You get more done and more respect if you treat others with respect.

  19. Free To Be Me

    This couple are NOT likeable like the Flip or Flop couple. Really full of themselves especially the guy.

  20. GirladyLocks

    NO BEES = NO FOOD! You people are criminals for killing bees! I can't believe that such stupidity exists in our day and age of technology and information! Seriously!