Before You Buy Rental Property Inspection Video WalkThrough – Sneak Preview



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20 Responses to Before You Buy Rental Property Inspection Video WalkThrough – Sneak Preview

  1. AffordableREI

    Don't Forget to Get Your FREE LLC GUIDE To Investing –

  2. Phelps

    Thanks for your knowledge

  3. Madluv4ya

    you are God sent.

  4. Real Estate Investing With Jim Ingersoll

    Due diligence inspection is critical. Know what you are buying every time, no excuses.

    Thanks for posting

  5. grab the sky

    Thank you for the podcast. I was thinking about making my own YouTube video whatever. Although I've learned a lot from yours. One of the things I learned is I should go get a job. I've been a real estate investor since 2004. Recently I learned that I just have the title not the portfolio. Even though I've not worked a job since then. I see I'm not necessarily gaining advantages as much as I should. Because I'm eating the rental income. To support my living. So now I'm looking to go get a job. Currently my portfolio consists of a triplex a duplex in a single-family home. I live in a free and clear home although my duplex is also free and clear and my triplex is almost 3 and clear. Maybe I'll do a YouTube video on how to get free and clear property in less than five years. Keep up the great work. Your podcast thing is getting better and better

  6. Will Smith

    Excellent information! I am going to go watch all of your videos. Hopefully we can JV on some deals sometime soon!

  7. A. D.

    Omg you are such a sweetheart. All my life I have wanted to invest in real estate. I'm going to look through all your videos now.

  8. Manuel Del Angel

    I graduated highschool, went straight to working. I hate it, the real estate game is what I want to get into, and your videos just fire up my passion.

  9. Kristen Almonte

    I'm interested in this too. I had 40k saved & took it and moved from the northeast to FL. It's now gone because jobs & pay are so bad here. I regret not staying up north and doing this. I definitely want to rebuild and get into investments like this.

  10. jenn white

    I am so happy I found your channel. Do you do mentoring by email or any other form?

  11. Happiness, Etc

    you are the best.

  12. Shean Rhoden

    Thank you Lisa for given me the knowledge and courage to begin my real estate venture!!! My plan is to vetting it first then passing the information on by sending family and friends to your website. 

  13. ticab00m

    I LOVE THAT I JUST FOUND YOU!!!  …I would so love to speak with you about how to get started and have so many questions!!  I've been looking for a real estate mentor so I can transition into investing.  It's so intimidating but I know it's the direction I'm meant to go in because of my passion.  I should be trying to hurry up & sleep so I can get up & go to work but I can't stop watching your videos!  I just found you & am so happy to finally come across someone with similar goals.  Thank you!

  14. itarver

    this is one of the best channels on

  15. Colin Leid

    Haven't been here in a while. I see you stepped the video game up… Keep up the good work 🙌

  16. Mike Fifer

    You are a sweetheart and I wish you the best!


  17. Randall-Dana Nicholson

    Hi Lisa. I just finished watching your video of the walk-thru I think it was well done! This is a feature (videos like this) that will help new investors in choosing an investment property. A new investor is able to look for and know what is meant by foundation and water issues. I see that not every crack means there is a major issue. Great added piece to my package as one of your interns. Thank you so much. I appreciate the time you took to do this!

    NicholandSons Real Estate, LLC

  18. peoplezthesedayz

    I watched your walkthrough video and it was amazing!
    Your youtube videos have truly inspired me to begin my journey as a real estate investor.  One thing that was holding me back, was that I knew nothing about what to look out for when searching for  potential rental property.  This walkthrough video has given me the confidence boost that I needed to embark on buying my first rental property.
    Your leveraged analysis technique, and this walkthrough,  were the tools I needed, to learn how to properly assess potential investment opportunities. I feel confident and ready to succeed as a real estate investor.  
    Lisa, thanks for all you do!

  19. idonthaveacoolname1

    thanks for everything you are doing.  I think you are helping me figure out my niche.  I am looking at a manufactured home in austin tx for 28k.  its a sun community home which I think means it has a community fee?  it looks like a triple wide or the like but its in really nice shape.  any experience with investing in this kind of area?  I plan to be under an LLC so I can write off community fees if any.

  20. Jidigga81

    Can't wait to see the full walk throughs! Missed you while you were on vacation! Content is getting better and better! Thanks