Best Places To Invest In Real Estate

In Real Estate, where you invest is more important than you realize. Most beginners who decide to get into real estate will buy a property in their own back yard (the town they live in and are familiar with).

Don’t Do This! That’s what a beginner does. You’ll have trials, pitfalls, & mistakes. You’ll learn things the hard way.

In this video I share the best places that you can invest in real estate right now. I show you some cash flow markets, and some equity markets.

Watch and Enjoy!
Kris Krohn & Nate Woodbury

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Video by Nate Woodbury (The Hero Maker)

20 Responses to Best Places To Invest In Real Estate

  1. Skye S.

    Hi Kris,
    Why is not good to invest or to build in the backyard? That will increase the value of the house no?

  2. Steven Kleinman

    "Thats why they get spanked again" ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


    Where I live there are to many apartment buildings being built .

  4. Joshua July

    Just subscribed!!!

  5. MischievousMoo

    Which link in the description?

  6. KING D

    Where do you get your maps of each city that you put up on your walls?

  7. Ryan

    This is where ive really been lead, but man Im nervous about it. I wasnt so nervous about investing where i am locally, but here where i am in california , the prices are just insane and there is nothing on the market liveable for less than 200k . dreaming for 150k or less lol. I really really am considering investing out of state and still being an owner occupant but man.. it feels like learning everything new ๐Ÿ™ AHHHHH wish i had your help kris lol

  8. awesomeness

    @Limitless TV
    How do you invest in Memphis and Charlotte when you live in New York?

  9. Francis Lee

    great video, info and energy

  10. Jessee Anderson

    Really not one comment about that hair cut? Who how and why the hell is your hair chopped around your ears

  11. Relatable Money

    Funny because I live in Phoenix …. -_-

  12. Star Lopez

    Kris we need you here in Ohio Columbus…would love to be part of your team!

  13. Ivana Chuljak-Cribb

    is this dude for real Huston a good market >? Charlotte – ive been living here for 6 years and people are moving here in record numbers …however the jobs are non existent and when you find one they pay serf wages since its a right to work Republican state. There all of these companies getting huge tax breaks to come to Charlotte – and the jobs they provide are basically starvation wages. Yes there are a ton of people here but very few have the money to buy.

  14. parkerbohnn

    You just buy where the Chinese will buy next and retire a multimillionaire. Chinese love corner lots as close to elementary schools as possible and will only buy in cities where property taxes are low. My guess is they will hit Atlantic City, New Jersey next after Seattle.

  15. eayala194

    It wouls be awesome if i had you as mentor. Your videos are awesome, and your info is top notch


    Chris, thanks for this video. Was cool to hear that you are living in the Utah area. When do you suggest making a purchase in Utah? I'm living as an expat overseas and have flexibility of when to purchase a family home in Utah county. I have been tracking the market for the past 3-4 years and all the prices keep going up. Do you anticipate the prices will continue to go up.. and if so, for how much longer?

  17. Muhammad Asad

    Invest in Mumbai, India.
    You can earn great money here too

  18. Justin Grubbs

    You should do a video about how the recent hurricanes and tropical storms have impacted real estate investing in places like Orlando

  19. Andrew Kosasih

    Can you talk about califonia real estate? Is it a good time to invest in LA now?

  20. Ernesto Gonzalez

    Hey Kris, my question is how do we find out which markets are currently best to invest in. I would like to be able to do this right I'm starting to invest in my first home at the start of next year i just recently graduated high school and I am kinda curious as to how i can research this myself and figure out when to go to which market place. I really appreciate all your help I've always wanted to do real estate but your videos have completely changed my point of view on this, I'm more grateful to your videos than I can even express thank you!!