Billionaire Jonathan Gray: Building The World’s Largest Real Estate Investment Fund

An interview and Q&A with billionaire and head of Blackstone Real Estate, Jonathon Gray. In this interview Jon discusses how he views Real estate investments and the investment philosophy of the group. Later Jon discuses recent real estate deals and the thinking behind them. Finally Jon takes questions from students on a wide array of real estate related topics.

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Video Segments:
0:00 Introduction
3:32 The grand scale of Blackstone/ All areas you are involved in
7:03 Growth through listening to investors
9:48 What did you learn from US real estate investments that you are applying to Spain?
11:44 Lessons from US financing markets
13:52 How did you manage the business in the recession?
21:12 3 Bryant Park deal
23:12 IndCor deal
25:49 Willis tower deal
28:33 GE Capital Real Estate Assets deal
33:00 The culture of Blackstone and why it works
37:03 Empowering young people in the firm
40:05 From university to Blackstone
44:14 Has a major in english aided your career?
45:13 Start of Q&A
45:30 How did you come up with the means to do bigger business?
47:19 Do you see opportunities in natural resources?
49:28 Are asset heavy companies losing control?
51:10 Views on Volcker rule?
53:51 How do you make capital allocation decisions?
55:19 What allowed you to profit of residential homes after they declined?
57:07 How does foreign money affect real estate?
59:01 View on Irish real estate?
1:01:40 How would land value tax effect Blackstone?
1:03:40 How do see the impact of the core-plus funds on other parts of the business?

Interview Date: 23rd April, 2015
Event: Georgetown University McDonough School of Business
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13 Responses to Billionaire Jonathan Gray: Building The World’s Largest Real Estate Investment Fund

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    Great information from "Billionaire" Jonathan Gray!

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    Wonderful content very informative am an aspiring real estate investor myself in Kenya.

  5. Emmanuel Ortiz

    Interesting how he talks about treating and incentivizing employees in such a big company.  Sounds like a humble guy who grew in a company and now calls the shots.  Very rare to see somebody in that position holding a humble tone.  Nice interview.

  6. Breezy Zad

    Great content but the interviewer needs to let go of the old days and have a haircut

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