Bogotá Real Estate Snapshot (watch this before buying) (2017)

An overview of the Bogota Real Estate Market.
Bogota Real Estate Census Report 2017:

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Who am I? Real Estate entrepreneur who rode a motorbike from Canada and Argentina. Discovered Colombia along the way and is dedicated to showing the overlooked wonders of this very special country.

20 Responses to Bogotá Real Estate Snapshot (watch this before buying) (2017)

  1. Der Wille

    Great topic to cover so please keep coverage on this subject ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  2. Juan sebstian Montoya

    hello Sam greetings from Bogota, I'm a subscriber of your channel. I want to ask you how can i keep in touch with you because there's an American engineer that works for Shell oil company and wants someone experienced to assist him to make serious investments in my country in real estate, agriculture and buildings turist so for that reason you were the first person i thought to contact. so I'll be waiting for your answer.

  3. Sophia Sutton

    The view from up there behind you is awesome. ..sunset 😊👌

  4. Alan Van Tilburg

    What would I expect to pay for rent per month in American dollars in the Golden Triangle?

  5. Inolvidable

    Sam, very well researched! Promising future in Bogota.


    Great city shots Sam!..the more I watch your videos the more I want to go back to My Bogota. Great Job!

  7. Hamlet Heating

    great video

  8. GringuitoASMR

    This was interesting and informative. I'm hoping to move to Colombia in the next year, so learning about it from someone who has been living there several years is useful. I discovered you through Marshall's vlog. Saludos.

  9. Leo Umana

    Sam. I'm moving to Colombia in July. Interested in doing Commercial Real Estate. My family is in Cali. I want to learn what you do and apply it there. How do we do this?

  10. Sebastian Beltran

    Hi I'm currently living in China but I have real estate in bogota in Calle 100 with Av Suba I was wondering could you add me on skype? I want to know what to do with my real estate. Do you an email or a website I could use to get in touch with you?

  11. juselara02

    Un pequeño detalle. El sistema de estratos no es solo en Bogotá. Se replica en toda Colombia.

  12. juselara02

    No tenía ide adel concepto del triangulo dorado, pero tiene mucho sentido. Chapinero se ha vuelto una zona muy cool y Bohemia. El centro, sea como sea, siempre será el corazón de la ciudad y ahora está viendo gran renovación. La 26 es mi calle favorita de Bogotá y los lujosos edificos empresariales se suceden un tras otro y ciudad salitre es la zona mas residencial de toda la ciudad.

  13. Ntr Htp

    Nice channel.. subscribed because of Marshall Powell Vlogs! (sub: 1326)

  14. Juan Castillo

    this is gold, keep up the great the work.

  15. Kevin Cadena

    gringo's tejo cahallenge!!! My bet is for Sam … make your bets !!!!

  16. Juan Torquemada

    DOS cosas importantes que ud menciona la clase media colombiana esta creciendo, y un millon de personas mas viviran en Bogota en los proximos 10 años y apenas hay la mitad de tierra disponible para construir

  17. Wally Conger

    Excellent, Sam.

  18. Esteban Marin

    Hey! managing a fund for that, have an e-mail?

  19. Raka mandaka

    Mi pregunta es recomiendas comprar apartamento o casa en esta época o mas adelante ?

  20. ALEX 3172

    ¿Como piensas que va ser Bogota en el futuro?