Business Credit for Real Estate

Discover how you can use business credit to purchase and rehab commercial and residential real estate. Get more details on building credit for your EIN that’s not linked to your SSN here

9 Responses to Business Credit for Real Estate

  1. Brenda Seagraves

    Is this a true line of credit or series of credit cards in company name?


    Thank you for the info. love the explanation. I like, I subscribed

  3. Kush Yisrael

    Do you recommend getting credit cards with high annual fees such as AE????

  4. Regina Thomas

    What suggestions would you give for the name of a business for purchasing Real Estate? Your earlier videos on setting up your business correctly talks about not using high risk names.

  5. Stacey Joseph

    when applying for an ein, your ssn is requested. …so how is it not tied to your personal information?

  6. away withwordz

    Hey, good info. You mentioned Uline having an invoice option at the check out but I haven't heard many of these business credit videos explain this most important part which is how to get credit with these vendors. It's just mentioned like it's easy but some of us need instructions on how to go about doing this part.

  7. Antonio Montgomery

    Talking way too fast, for something that I'm sure is not as was as he makes it seems.

  8. Katarzyna Koperska

    if i use the UBF program who is liable myself or my company?

  9. Katarzyna Koperska

    i have to buy for $50 to be reported by the vendor account. Do i need to use my revolving card ( store account) to be reported? if yes how much? $50 as well or just be qualified is enough