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I know the concept of buying real estate with credit cards sound crazy, but just keep an open mind. It’s possible. I’ve done it. I was able to quit my day job at 30 years old as a result of using this process. You can too! If you want to learn how, get my book, “Quit Your Day Job”. See below.

Are you tired of running out of capital or have a hard time raising capital for your business or real estate? If so, you need business credit, business loans, and business capital. Go to to learn more as well as to apply for your free consultation with one of our business credit coaches.

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  1. Winston Wuulf

    Keep em comin HomeTeam…

  2. Lj Cr

    I want to star business know

  3. Shawn Wright

    Do you purchase these properties in your personal name or in a company name ?

  4. Raymond Hunter

    I just commented on an old video and immediately saw this one. Awesome info man, thank you!

  5. meme barbee

    What number can i call

  6. meme barbee

    Ques..i am interested in purchasing my 1st double..i only have a 10k credit union card ..i work full time ..but wont have access to my down payment of 10k towards this 1st property …wht shld i do…im prepn to do this by the end of my lease in march…ty

  7. New Jersey Real Estate Deals -

    Great video. Thanks for the info

  8. darrell campbell

    So what your saying pablo is that you were unable to refi your 1st go round?

  9. darrell campbell

    Which Financial institutions are most business friendly?

  10. darrell campbell

    Do i need cash when dealing with wholesalers?

  11. darrell campbell

    Were would i find wholesalers?

  12. darrell campbell

    How do you find ppl that have just inherited property?

  13. darrell campbell

    Do you buy properties under HOA's?

  14. Ewalk Thomas

    teacher ..thech…. me the pebble i have credit karma do i still have to apply to get,, started. 630 on
    all score

  15. Condoro p

    by the way fuck you anyone that tell you to take money that you dont have so u have to pay interest on top of interest and lose whatever it is you got 90% of the time is a lost or is not worth is have you heard of liability this stupid asshole is telling people to keep living the same ignorant life he learned from his parents just educate your self people is not hard to buy a book and read dont trust this stupid people is just a bunch of the same ignorant ways thanks and fuck you again for posting so many stupid videos that help and hurt people in the long run because the dont know better

  16. Condoro p

    lmfaooooo this is getting ridiculous the ignorance is on 1000% 42k helpless people in america looking for a way out and you want to help the banks keep people like slaves educate your self people dont let assholes like this one here get you into more debt smfh this is incredible youtube made this ignorant asshole a financial advisors..

  17. Reviews

    Juan, always on point. Let's talk soon. I need some assistance.

  18. Ericka Williams

    like new intro!!!! nice.