Buying 4 Rental Properties In One Year – Making Passive Income

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13 Responses to Buying 4 Rental Properties In One Year – Making Passive Income

  1. Damani Wilson

    FYI "AffordableREI" videos are still watchable on YouTube. They are old, but still relevant.

  2. Joshi Lemus

    Alright Mate, great Video, clearly put info, thanks amigo.

  3. Demetrius Walls

    always love your information

  4. Jason Malyon

    Nice video, Google bigger pockets, it will change your life, you will wish you found them sooner, they have amazing podcasts.

  5. EJ Filone

    the video was good but you need to work on the audio

  6. George Ambrose Baake

    Great video as always 😊

  7. Dominic Radz

    Amazing content ! Just subbed

  8. Jeffrey Longpre

    Your videos are VERY VERY VERY interesting ! Keep going please.

  9. Jiany Star Massa vich

    Your video are great. Thanks for the info…

  10. TheAz1atic

    If someone to own multiple properties. Are there people to hire to manage it for you?

  11. Rashard Jennings

    what about investing right know in mutual funds

  12. Will James

    Great video! What's your thought on cheap houses in Detroit? I've seen some house for sale for $200

  13. alexandre maclellan

    Awesome vid! What is your opinion about student housing in the orlando Fl area?