Buying a House! – ..and Tearing it Down | House Flipper Beta

Teardown goodness.


Music by yours truly.

House Flipper –
NOTE: The game is currently in closed beta.

Q: What controller do you use?
A: Logitech G27.

Q: What’s the music you’re using and where can I get it?
A: An absolutely beautiful creation of mine. You can buy it from Bandcamp.

Q: Why do you hate kittens?
A: I don’t, Mark does. I am not Mark. Mark sucks.

Q: What are your system specs?
A: The relevant bits:
– Intel Core i5-7600K @ 4.7GHz (for now)
– MSI GTX 970 Gaming G4
– MSI Z270 SLI Plus
– 2x 8GB Corsair Vengeance LED 3000MHz DDR4

20 Responses to Buying a House! – ..and Tearing it Down | House Flipper Beta

  1. Banks

    That trumpet is slowly driving me insane

  2. Funny Game

    My summer car 🙂 my troll

  3. MrShadowDUH

    Doesn't even look that shit.

  4. OG BassHead ッ

    Fuck, tought this was a msc vid

  5. El Gato Obeso

    aq e br porra nice video

  6. aaron frost

    I wish fixing a house was as easy (but not as linguistically-frustrating) as this.

  7. Silveron Play

    These house's near, are neat. #nearnotmarkhousesareneat w

  8. Stefan


  9. Hawkinsm210

    REALLY!!! I checked less then an hour ago for a new video and there wasnt one, then i get the notification

  10. FerencFCC

    My Summer Car pls.

  11. pablo calleja

    Jalopy please like

  12. Joel Virki

    Plz another episode of jalopy

  13. lukas kareiva

    You needed new house anyway, your msc house burned down

  14. Áron Tóth

    1 dislike!?!?
    And congratulations for all likes

  15. NioniukasKuk

    Can play 7 Days To Die?

  16. twocvbloke

    Careful, you might actually make money on that house… 😛

  17. GermanPlayer DE

    Hallo aus Deutschland/hello from germany

  18. Vojta Tike

    Good job Mark!

  19. Fuccboi :Y

    7:22 When the banhammer banishes the wall

  20. Irmão Gêmeo Mais Velho do Vlad

    I love you ❤❤