Buying a house at age 20

My story on how i bought my first house at age 20. I move in Dec. 18 2015. Talking about my experience.

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  1. *Vicente* *Morales*

    As soon as he said he goes to school two days a week and work 5 days a week gave me hope that I could buy a house too

  2. Tim Escamilla

    should have bought a decent microphone before that house

  3. Curtis Phelps

    Hey Ricky , Man I want to comment on your first video because I wanted to let you know that I watch your videos and you are doing a great job informing people on how to earn money. Im a beginner in this trading game and I want to learn as much as I can in this. I'm going to join the group page on Facebook, I have many questions

  4. Needalifesoon

    As a 18 year old, I look forward to doing this soon. 👏🏽

  5. ALVIE78744

    Just subbed.. starting from the beginning of your channel just got into trading with Robin Hood and im actually waiting to put money in…

  6. Ulisses Rangel

    Is that the gum wall from seattle?

  7. Doriliciouse

    I love u hard work

  8. thecreoleson

    I bought mine in August 2011 at 21 right after I graduated from college. It was mad crazy… I was super super stressed but now October 2015 i paid off my house at 26 years old. it was a crazy road. I had a time getting someone to approve me. but it is possible. I would get a credit card and make sure to not use money you don't have. buy what you can afford and save save save save oh did I mention save? you need a base just in case. having a paid off house while all of my friends are renting and just now getting ready to buy one has been a dream. it was tough but possible.

  9. Cee Bee

    we have the same work / school schedule !!!! lol 🙂

  10. gavin Valverde

    and I'm super interested in more details on what you do

  11. gavin Valverde

    I'm in Gilbert Arizona

  12. Magaly Stephanie

    that's awesome!! congrats (:

  13. Jason Carillo

    Awesome video! I just made a video about my first home buying experience.

  14. J

    Congrats on your new home!

  15. Raul Ulises

    congrats brotha, my friend Nestor referred me to your channel because I told him about how I want to flip stocks but I haven't found a broker that would hire me so my get rich quick technique is selling cars right now. I was wondering if you'd be willing to help me learn the market more; I could even go as far to make a trip down there to Arizona since I live in Las Vegas just for advice. get back to me… appreciate it