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In this episode of the Cardone Zone Grant Cardone talks about buying a house. Should you own a home? Grant says unless you have 20 million in the bank, in cash, you have no business buying a house. People think the only way to save money is to buy a house. Suzy Orman thinks you have no way to earn money, so buying a house is the only way to get your money. It’s not an investment if it doesn’t pay you every month. It’s not an investment if you have to pay it every month. A house is not an asset, it’s a liability. Nothing is a good deal if you have to feed it constantly. People ask, “Why would you pay rent when you could buy?” Because you can’t leave. Who wants to go to jail for 30 years? You can be mobile and nimble if you rent. Mobility is a great thing in today’s world. Why settle down? Invest the money in yourself or your business. Your money needs to be free!

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  1. Ashfaq Sheikh

    Grant Cardone
    OK, owning a home costs money but it gives your family the indispensable sense of stability and belonging to a community. Your kids grow up with roots in a city and develop long-term relationships with schoolmates. As grown ups, they can move around and have all kinds of experiences on their own. Secondly, it is fallacious to say that once you buy a home, you are stuck for life. People move all the time and sell their homes. This is not to say that one should not invest in income property using savings for down payment.

  2. David Spedden

    I've been listening to Grant for a few months now, and still I"ve actually begun looking at houses this week but I have to admit that thinking is beginning to change. I need a place to live, but I don't like living in cramped and crowded places. I don't want to smell other people's cigarettes and hear their children screaming and making noise, but it does seem that it would best for me to rent and not blow so much money. The money can't work for me if I'm sinking it into a house.

  3. Josef Faisal

    hahahahahaha, let them do the landscape, let them clean up the house, but please don't send them back!

  4. Dee M

    This guy has great advice for a very expensive house. But he doesnt talk about that when you rent you cant do anything to the house. you cant fix it up, change it, have parties, because owners have a thousand of restrictions. owning a house gives us the chance to do what we want to it, whenever we want. its an intagible service that renting doesnt give you.

  5. byung Park

    please get Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey on your show and let's hear it out……be interesting…

  6. byung Park

    does mike or tom ferry understand this?

  7. byung Park

    you know most people wont/can't get to $20mil….damn….any realestate gurus, brokers, so called experts watching this?

  8. byung Park

    what about all the real estate agents who sell homes? are they suppose to tell the buyers …don't buy? please clarify

  9. Robert g

    You got to live somewhere why live where some jackass can turn up music that you don't want to listen to and you can't say anything. What's peace and quiet worth. Or safety for your vehicles. What's that worth?

  10. Safe Castle Inc.

    In Real Estate I never heard a stupid person talking the way this dude talks, must be as low as an ass.

  11. mark fitzgerald

    this guy is a machine!

  12. Candice Marquette

    Love this video-I lost my ass on my home. Bought in 05- and it lost 30% in value in the crash but the property taxes kept rising (IL) and were close to 10 grand when I sold it. Sold the home for 120,000 less than I paid for it and that doesn't even include all the money dumped into the place over the 11 years. Was just terrible. Only good part was I did enjoy the setting of the home and it was a good place for the kids– I thank my stars that I found someone who wanted to buy it from me.

  13. Troy t

    the worst advice I have ever received!!!!

  14. Paragon of Growth

    Okay he argues against buying a home at 37:24 he gives an example of his sister having 210k in equity and says its dead money and should have it invested. But the only way she ended up with the money in the first place is home ownership! How does that make sense? Honest question i would be grateful for an answer

  15. Samuel Lee

    Yes if you value mobility then you will pay the premium for that freedom by just renting. But even as a home owner who says you can't sell the house or rent it out? If you know you are going to live in the same area for at least 4~5 years you should definitely buy if you can down pay at least 5~10% down.

  16. kyle watts


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  18. Uncle Elroy

    How is it better to pay 700 in rent then pay 666 to OWN a home…GC argues you are stuck you cant move?? There is always the option of renting this property, renovating the property, building a granny flat and doubling income

  19. Thatguyonabike

    Hmm, sounds legit – sell your house and then rent from Mr Cardone…so he gets even more money (why does he own so much real estate that he rents out!?!). Renting is dead money, always will be, unless you're a landlord.

  20. Joanne Smith

    does a house give you good cash flow if you rent it out always?