Hey guys!! Welcome back to ThatCouple’s channel. Today is the day we officially start house hunting!! We decided we want to purchase a house, so Riley can have a place to call home. Cristian and I are super excited about looking at different houses and seeing what type of neighborhood we want to live in and we’re taking you guys along with us!! So make sure to SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss a thing! We love you and we’ll see ya on Sunday 😊

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  1. pred1919

    Good luck with the house hunting….

  2. Bree Taylor

    you babay cute

  3. ChanelChic !

    Heyyy! Are you guys still taking Pillow Talk questions?

  4. Fun Cooking and More

    Nice family day. Take your time to find the place and neighborhood you guys truly want. Don't rush the process. Also when you guys find a house, go visit that neighborhood at night, during the middle of the day and early in the morning just to get a feel/vibe of the neighborhood.

  5. ChanelChic !

    Omg I love y’all ❤️😍 I feel like I’m apart of the family 😊

  6. Lesia1m

    You guys are so cute. Good luck house hunting.

  7. SimplyMJ

    Dang girl, nice job with the post pregancy weight loss. The snapback is real girly 🙂

  8. Darlene Thomas

    I sooo enjoy watching you guys, I can see the ture love you both have for one another. That's a blessing and little bella is beautiful 💖❤

  9. trinice williams

    Oohwwww precious

  10. Prettycautiousme

    I was mad this video ended love you guys !!

  11. Ree Smit

    Good Luck & Many Many Blessings on buying a house🙏🏾👍🏽😊 hiii pretty lil' baby🍼💖🍼💖🍼💖

  12. Jahim TheCreator

    You guys we so need to do a COLLAB…I said "bless you" when Railey sneezed she is so cute. Christian digging the outfit brovah…shopping for houses is one of the hardest thing to do… Don't settle for anything but what you guys deserve after all you guys are going to live there for a better make sure it is something that you both love

  13. Irwin Torres

    Good luck happy for you guys.

  14. Sue C.

    Awww! I'm excited for you guys to start house-hunting, that's great!👍 Riley is the cutest and Lisa you always have her looking so adorable. Happy she & you are getting over your colds. I think that you're little Family is Beautiful & Christian, you're right, Lisa is Pretty but you're a handsome guy as well. Love you two together and so happy you are husband and wife. Riley is a Blessed little girl!❤❤❤

  15. Aileen Noraly Barbosa

    Awww God Bless primos ❤😘

  16. Beautiful Jay

    Baby girl is amazing and you guys are the cutest YouTube couple…