BUYING A HOUSE IN FIFA! | FIFA 18 Player Career Mode w/Storylines | Episode #2 (The English Legend)

►In this FIFA 18 Career Mode episode we buy our first house in LA and start getting settled in to the life of being a pro footballer! Can we hit 1000 LIKES for episode #2

►Welcome to the world of Connor Wilson. One of the best up and coming talents in the world of football. This FIFA 18 My Player Career Mode series is based around the life of a football/soccer player in his rise to fame. The series provides multiple story lines every episode from games like GTA V and Sims 4 and also features, of course, game play.



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20 Responses to BUYING A HOUSE IN FIFA! | FIFA 18 Player Career Mode w/Storylines | Episode #2 (The English Legend)

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  2. Trend Cool savers

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  3. Triplec C

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  11. Johannes Ulltang

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  12. realprogamerX2

    ????? You get to do that in player career mode?!?!?! I am gonna try that out.

  13. Rafael Garcia

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  19. Putra Sang Fajar

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  20. Димитър Козинаров

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