Buying a house in Hawaii is EXPENSIVE!

Jordan had his first day of middle school! We took a spin over at our property to make sure all the weeds we poisoned were dying and tried a Acai/smoothie shop in Kailua Kona. We talked about how expensive it is to buy a home in Hawaii (i guess its the price you pay to live in paradise) and had a quick peak at our house plans. Last stop….Quinns by the sea for lunch! We’ll be back there for sure!

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  1. Charles Dela Cruz

    I'm very excited and happy for your family. Believe me when I say this, your investment is worth every hard working penny. We all are able to afford a decent home, it's all about the lifestyle we live and compromise.

  2. Charles Dela Cruz

    What a coincidence! I was searching for Hawaii vloggers and came across your channel. If you haven't recognize me yet, I'm Charlie Brown from MHS. I'm currently residing in Waikoloa Village, and been living here since 2012. Which I did purchased my first home and hopefully invest another in the near future. Yes, it is expensive but Hawai'i, Island is way more affordable than the other islands. Moving from the Mainland and Maui to the Big Island has been a good transition besides the long commute from home to work. I enjoy the simple living and the single-family homes are affordable, especially a single person like me. Before moving to the Big Island, I was a signature away from purchasing a Towne Home in Kehalani, Wailuku. For what I would have paid, you can purchase a bigger lot and a home for the same price. Luckily, I was offered a job and made the move; the best decision investment I have ever made.

  3. Thisbandsux

    Buying a house in kona is expensive not the hawaii part, you can buy an acre of land for 2 grand in eden roc wit meth addict neighbors.

  4. Young Fox


  5. Young Fox


  6. Daniel Provost

    you never said how expensive

  7. 0000mastermind

    hey…..i also want to move to Hawaii….it's my plan to have a family there and live there for the rest of our lives….i have this idea to ask my girlfriend to marry me on a trip to Hawaii….i cant think of a better place on earth to do it….i am also looking at houses on the market and realized that buying a piece of land is the better option and build to our liking together….I hope it all works out for me….it's not going to happen instantly…..and I could learn from your experience …..great family….

  8. Professional In Cali

    Nice video and beautiful family. Do you have a video showing the completion of your home? My wife and I have tossed around the idea of buying property in Hawaii even looked at the Big Island as it is a 'cheaper' than Oahu. But we are concerned with the school system/s (as we have a bilingual 9 year old) and the opportunities for work. Thanks for the video.

  9. tribexa

    ha ha ha…"The Maui girl is gonna work!!" I'm actually thinking of making the move to Hawaii. I live in the Caribbean at the moment, and yes…living on an island is expensive, and that takes away the feeling of Paradise because you're not living if you're struggling to survive to pay the bills, make ends meet, and still have to put up with high utility costs, rent, and a currency that is 3 to 1 USD. Then we import almost everything and then there's the foreign exchange conversion. So that DVD player you saw on Amazon for USD100.00 just became USD300.00. Kinda tired of getting nowhere and having that weird feeling of being enslaved. Just my odd two cents…

  10. JessicaAloha TV

    We would love to move to Hawaii but heard that work is hard to find there. That's a bummer. We are tired of the NYC life. We'll see! 🙂 "The Maui girl is going to work". Your husband is funny. Lol

  11. Keahi Ohana

    Loving the camera quality 👌🏽 did you get the canon g7x? I love acai bowls too! So exciting for your hale, can't wait to see the process and the outcome. My husband and I want to buy land to build a hale as well.

  12. Ex2L

    How old is your youngest son? I love how long his hair is. My daughters hair was straight but now all her curls have come out.