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20 Responses to BUYING A HOUSE IN SPAIN!

  1. Nejiz AJ

    No effense but you look like daddy05

  2. Branden Ellsmore

    Garret I Think You Should Move To Spain And Stay There Forever But That Means You Would Have To Go Back To LA And Pack Your Stuff Then Bring Astro And Then Go Back To Spain Then Stay In Spain Forever

  3. Mr. Bman15

    He lives in spain

  4. Luis Rivas

    Why don't y'all speak Spanish there? Don't most people in Spain?

  5. Toney Walker

    I hear Spain rich do they used USA money

  6. Harley16 Widener

    its so beutiful in spain

  7. Emily Tingen

    Pause at 4:48

  8. Joey Tudor

    That guy at 4:46 wtf

  9. Jarod Aldrich

    OMG That's so creepy! The guy in the background when you were eating with Jelle. He's so creepy giving you that stare.

  10. Betty Hall

    Okay so did Jelly find the time lapse thing? You said we would find out in 10 seconds but didn't lol. Hope you're not getting sick Garrett! Love you guys and I hope you find a nice house and can't wait to see it. #HypeLife

  11. Charlie M

    4:45 the dude behind Garrett and Jelly how long is he going to stare jeez.

  12. Lukester_13

    Poor Josh 🙁

  13. Sadie D

    I've always wanted to live in spain! but atleast I WILL BE ABLE TO SEE THROUGH YOUR EYES!! im so excited

  14. P.T.A

    I saw astro on instagram and he's awsome

  15. Shea Smith

    Veiws 10 dis likes

  16. Nevy

    Jelly is smoking!😂

  17. Jeffery Emmons

    Why don't you guys just live there forever??

  18. Rocío Lira

    Do you speak spanish? Because i live here And i know the english level in Spain is very low

  19. Paul Mackow

    because I live in Puerto banus

  20. Paul Mackow

    could I meet you