Buying a house: my experience and tips | Superholly

Mortgages, financing, interest, down payments, credit scores, debt to income, loan to value, insurance, taxes, fixed rates, variable rates, what does it all mean?
If it’s your first time buying a home it can all be a little overwhelming.
In this video I’m going to help decipher it for you.
This is what I learned through the process of purchasing our first home. I hope these tips help you with yours!

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20 Responses to Buying a house: my experience and tips | Superholly

  1. Leke Oluwatosin

    there is 5% no PMI in texas these days

  2. Gaming Channel

    u live in the bronx

  3. Sumana Shrestha

    The best video on youtube for homebuyers. Thank you!

  4. exclusivelynyc

    Great video

  5. Josh Brockway

    Very educational and some eye candy

  6. Michael Rideout

    Very detailed, great information. Thank you

  7. Anthony D.

    Great video! very informative.

  8. Maria Whale

    Pls what is the name of the app?

  9. Mrs Gabriele

    You give me Gaga vibes

  10. Amanda Mangiarano

    Thank you this was very helpful!

  11. Hector R

    You are very smart and talent.

    Please read The book name
    The Total Money Makeover
    From Dave Ramsey

    You can visit his website at

  12. Hector R

    This is the bes way to buy a house
    1. Pay the whole house cash.
    This is the second best way to buy.
    2. Pay 75% down payment.
    3. Pay 50% down payment.
    4. Pay 25% down payment.

  13. blooneyful

    I'm never going to be able to buy a house.

  14. Maggie B.A.

    Hola Holly! Quien elige al inspector, valuador y agente de crédito? Estaría increíble que hicieras un vídeo respecto de cómo generar un excelente historial crediticio y el mejor momento para comprar casa. Besos.

  15. Coco J

    Very helpful!

  16. rafaCode

    Thanks for the overall info. I really wished that you talked more practically about downpayment and closing cost, which is IMO the most important aspect of this process.

  17. HoneyEyes

    So, who is Agustina? Lol

  18. cedrickd12

    Hey there! discovered ur page like 2days ago, hehehehe.
    im also living in Mexico now, well, been living here 4 over 3yrs now, in the city of GDL and wow, I LOVE THIS CITY ALOT!
    just 2months ago i bought me a house here and geez, I had 2 go through all what u said and my case was way more complicated coz i aint Mexican so, the banks were kinda hard 2 get a loan. Infact, i only could get a loan from Banamex n Santander after i said i was gonna throw in a 35% downpayment….
    but all in all, the experience was at the end rewarding, not so at the beginning though hahahaha

    Nice page, keep it up!!!

  19. Amir Sadrpour

    thanks much for the video , very informative

  20. SlamPig84

    might be cheaper to just shoot my neighbors and get myself a cozy 8×8 with a sink, toilet and bed.