Buying A House? Watch This! | M&M Mondays

As homebuyers several times over and since Michael has an extensive, expert level of knowledge on mortgage litigation, we thought we’d share some things to consider when buying a house. Let us know what you think, and if there are topics that you want to hear Michael go more in-depth about. Thanks for watching!


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20 Responses to Buying A House? Watch This! | M&M Mondays

  1. Jane Riffle

    I'm planning to move back to Texas next summer. I was born and raised in south Texas (RGV) but have lived in SW Pa most of my adult life. I'm planning to move to SA but don't really know the area. I could use some advice on picking the right area for me. Is there anyone you could recommend to help me with a checklist of wants and needs to determine the best location in SA for me? Any advice would be appreciated!

  2. Ms. Lady Sanders

    Im in Long Beach CA

  3. Ms. Lady Sanders

    Hello Marni and Michael. I just came up on this video. Question: Since I can't afford a regular house at $300,000, I have been looking into manufactured homes under $150,000. What should I be looking for and what extra insurance would I use?

  4. Carolyn Bowen

    Excellent! Very well explained and so helpful. Great information that should be expounded upon!

  5. Gabrielle's Gardenia's

    HI Marnie, this came in handy as I may buy a condo. Also, would you mind subbing to my new channel. It's so novice but I'm trying! Thank you

  6. WestHam66

    Great video and super useful advice…thanks guys…and awesome shirt Michael- greetings from Ireland!

  7. stefaniamss

    Hello guys! This video is great. My husband and I are trying to buy our first home with a VA loan, it would be our first one and we don't have much experience with the process but all advice is greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

  8. Shaye Shults

    Please bring these videos back Marnie!

  9. purify faith7

    💜💜💜💜 this I plan to move to Texas in the future and the home prices are GREAT. but I never considered the property taxes you guys truly enlightened me THANK YOU 🙌🏽💜

  10. Vee Gee

    Great mega info!

  11. TJ Maccari

    What a wealth of info. I am so grateful for Michael sharing some of his expertise. This video has been very enlightening.
    I love M&M Mondays. I look forward to all your videos, and especially these. I am a relatively new fan, so still watching older videos as well.
    Loved watching move in day(s) with Jake for college, and the M&M Monday that focused on college selection, etc. We are preparing for one of ours to go for '17/'18 school year. Any other info on that would be appreciated.
    Thanks so much. Keep up the great work.

  12. Butterfly0258girl

    I am years away from buying a home and still found this (along with all of your budget videos!!) incredibly helpful! Thank you SO much!

  13. It's Joshua

    I was wondering if you can give advice to someone who is moving to the US. From scratch, no family, no experience.

  14. inthepursuitofbeauty

    great! So informative! Thank you micheal and marnie

  15. Aldair Sanchez

    Thank you for this video! I will be purchasing my first home next month and any information or advice, is appreciated.

  16. Sugarplum704

    This was a much needed topic — and the timing was quite spot on for me!

  17. imogenbegins

    Hi Marnie! Can your husband do a video on alternative mortgage solutions? My husband and I would like to buy a house without having a big mortgage. We know there are programs out there for people like FHA loans, first time homebuyer grants, and more. Could he discuss these? Could he also discuss alternative solutions, if you want a house (because you have toddlers and apartment living is a bit hard on them; there's also no room to garden or try solar electricity)but don't have the funds to buy a house. Could he talk about buying foreclosure properties, buying land and building a small house/cabin for less, using tax credits/energy credits/etc to fund your home purchase? Thanks +Marnie

  18. Michelle Moncure

    Love this!!!! My DH is a realtor, and we live in Charleston SC, where the property values can be crazy!! Though we talk about and deal with mortgage "stuff" quite a bit, Michael broke things down in a different way for me , and actually helped me to feel better about our current personal mortgage situation, and give me conservative goals for the future 😉

  19. Ms. Dee

    Very insightful! Thank you Michael and Marine!

  20. TraumaER

    Marnie is pretty.