BUYING A NEW HOUSE!! ($10,000,000)


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P. O. BOX 7119 W. Sunset Blvd. #177, Los Angeles, CA, 90046
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Ship Wrek & Zookeepers – Ark [NCS Release]
J.cole type beat – Dreams Freestyle l Accent beats
Lil Uzi Vert XO TOUR LIFE Instrumental Prod

20 Responses to BUYING A NEW HOUSE!! ($10,000,000)

  1. FaZe Banks

    Who should move into the new house? 👀

  2. Crumply Pumples

    NELK boys full send em in the new house

  3. Irving Legend

    Move me in ! Lol

  4. Rudra pratap Singh

    Bro you cant become logan paul in your entire life 🤣🖕

  5. jayaree 90

    fags i called it i knew you guys would try to get a bigger place after jake and logan got their new places #fuckboyz

  6. Drone fan Rc drone

    Ayy get the NELK boys in there

  7. Rip Gaming

    Faze adapt and faze apex and faze rug and faze blasiken

  8. IKING 13

    You need Wolfe in the house

  9. Family Tv

    I fucking love Alissa and banks they are lit 🔥 and their dogs are the cutest little things that I have ever seen

  10. ITZ CaRo

    Let the Martinez Twins Join Please ❤

  11. Jordynne Jones

    martinez twins

  12. ItzSpencer

    leafy, keemstar

  13. ItzSpencer

    censor, martinez twins, ksi

  14. Yiven

    So… are we not going to talk about the teemo in the video

  15. Pure Logic

    You should have Luna in the new house

  16. DeJesus Ruiz

    Martinez twins

  17. YTF Wistfulhat

    Wait I thought ddg came to this house

  18. Brianrocs

    Banks Bro you need to get martinez twins they need a house and there really dope!!!!

  19. janice soto

    u should let Jake Paul move in

  20. Hector Chiang

    The Martinez twins dawg