Buying Property (Real Estate) in Ukraine as a Foreigner

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20 Responses to Buying Property (Real Estate) in Ukraine as a Foreigner

  1. Tudval Stone

    Poor chasing in Ukraine? Why would a foreigner do that?

  2. Sebastian Nordstern

    Hi Olga, thanks for the video its really helpful.
    I have one question: which type of visa is needed to buy an apartment in Ukraine. Is the 15-day visa I get on arrival to Ukraine enough, or do I need a longer visa to buy it? Thanks in advance

  3. Welyson Araújo Rios

    Thank you….I am brazilian and I want to buy a rural house in Ukraine..What I must do???

  4. Rodney Kincaid

    add me to your list of usa man to come to Ukraine and buy or rent a large BARN or VILLA for 50 feet x 50 feet to paint in Kiev Odessa or coastal cities I must have sky lights to out door so I can paint murals

  5. Radio mondiale

    I could buy property in Ukraine and rent it out to people as second source of income while having my primary job.

  6. FlagArmada Productions

    Oh god that dress. Your husband is very lucky.

  7. MrPara6991

    Do you need a permanent visa to buy one ?

  8. bigeric12325

    Could I buy a business like a motel to rent to visitors ? Years ago my brother and I read you cannot buy a business or a home ,you made it clear yes we can buy a home.

  9. Paweł C

    Everything 100% true, but do you really want to deal with all the s**t by yourself? Find yourself a FOREIGN OWNED real estate agency and they will make your life soooo much easier. For Kyiv you're lucky, cause you can deal with an American, my buddy Tim, check out:

  10. Wayne Arrington

    Hello Olga. I like your videos very much. I have spent altogether over two years in Ukraine and wish to retire there. I wish to purchase a flat/house/dacha….have to look around. My concern is that anyone can go to a notary with forged documents in another region of Ukraine and register documents that THEY have purchased/own my property. I have read that this recently is a big problem. Do you have any suggestions concerning this problem? Has the RADA solved this problem legislatively? Thanks in advance for any help. Keep up the good work.

  11. Mr Crabs

    can a mexican live in Ukraine

  12. Mr Crabs

    olga is such an sereotypical name for slavs jaja I like it

  13. Alex Dixon

    Are property rights protected in Ukraine as they are in the West? Because there is a lot instability and corruption in the country.

  14. Özgür Seçkiner

    Hi Olga , luckily i found your channel 🙂 Thank you for sharing valuable information. I have a girlfriend in Lviv and we want to live together. I first want to rent a flat and then buy a flat. For renting is this info also valid ? Дякую 🙂

  15. odinn62

    tips always help lol not bribes

  16. Erik3E

    Is it possible to buy a property and rent it out if you are a foreigner?

  17. cool cat

    I heard about much scum going on in ukrainian real estate business, especially towards foreigners. Never buy real estate without an trustworthy local agent and without all documents and signed official papers

  18. Bob Merrett

    Excellent as ever Olya! So how much would a typical two bedroom apartment cost, best guess will do? Let's say Kiev compared to somewhere else like Poltava.. Ta!

  19. Sahdev Raghuwanshi

    Olga i love your channel. can you suggest which is the best place to buy a apartment and house in Ukraine. and can you tell me what is the average cost of buying 2/3bhk apartment in Ukraine.

  20. George Wines

    Hi Olga, im curious…how much would it cost to buy a house or apt in Lviv in terms of US dollars? Since price can vary with the size of the house and quality, lets say average for both.