Buying Real Estate Under a Corporation
Should you Buy Real Estate Property under a Corporation is a very common question asked by real estate investors. Watch this video to learn about the main benefits and misconceptions.

Birdi Chartered Professional Accountant

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The information provided on this video is intended to provide general information. You should consult with a tax professional to full determine the scope of your situation, Gurrai Birdi and Birdi Chartered Professional Accountant shall not be held liable from usage of the information provided on this page.

2 Responses to Buying Real Estate Under a Corporation

  1. Now Agency

    Nice video straight to the point, very helpful!

  2. Amandeep Singh Pannu

    Hi, You mentioned at 2:00 minutes that 30.7% tax is fully refundable to the corporation when profits are withdrawn as dividends. Does CRA send refund cheque or they are adjusted in corporate tax return calculation.