Can Buying Real Estate at the Top of the Market Make Sense?

Looking to buy real estate but concerned it may be the top of the market cycle? Alleviate the fears of uncertain times by understanding this fundamental truth about real estate. Whether you are buying a house to be your primary residence or looking to invest in a property, learning how to determine the intrinsic value of real estate is absolutely crucial to ensuring you don’t end up being on the losing end of buying property. This video shows you how to do that quick and easily.
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20 Responses to Can Buying Real Estate at the Top of the Market Make Sense?

  1. Samantha Jeanne Wilson

    I am living in an area where price per square foot is less than $25 per sq ft. Im trying to figure out if some of these are worth flipping. I want to flip, not only to become financially secure but to make things better in our city. For example…..I know where to get a 5br 3 bath house for 10k but it needs work. Where do you draw the line on what is too much to be worth fixing?

  2. Norcal

    Anybody have tips/resources on calculating the cost to build a new property in any given area? I figure getting land + permit costs is easy enough, should you just flat out talk to a contractor about the actual home afterwards?

  3. Moiz Kharodawala

    How do you find out the replacement cost ans cost to build ?
    And how did you come up with $300K

  4. Olivia P

    I still believe my local area is 1-2 years away from the high. Sadly, as a buy and hold investor, my market is way overpriced this far out from the high.

  5. Anatalie Dee

    This is Exactly what I needed to know. Perfect example.

  6. N 10SZ

    Wouldn't cost to build be with newer wood and materials and thus be better than old and used?

  7. willie gerald

    how can you use cost per sq foot in flipping houses to you benefit?

  8. vasiliy tereshchenko

    Great job Phil thank you so much

  9. Spencer Dassy

    Phil, Is the price per square foot calculated into the intrinsic value?

  10. Ashfaq Sheikh

    Phil, "Are we in a real estate bubble" is one of your best videos. It is full of deep and practical market wisdom. I have watched it a number of times.

  11. Marcus LeeP

    Thank you..

  12. Naomi Talking Money

    Wow!!! Such a helpful video! I can't believe I have never thought about "market timing" like this before. I'm sure values are over priced in my Waco TX market, but we still are slightly below this intrinsic value price…this idea is so great to think about. Thank you Phil!!

  13. rcmen231

    Thanks Phil. I do stocks and that comparison was enlightening. Wow, so simple.

  14. The Kwak Brothers

    An EDUCATED and WELL-TRAINED investor should be able to make money at any market condition… That predicates on how well the investor can read market trends and the "tide" of how/where the market is moving.

  15. Derek Sevcik

    Where'd the 300k come from?

  16. Ronald Salinas

    Noone Explains It Better Than Phil, Glod Bless You Brother 🙂

  17. winnie ganaban

    i want to buy both books where can i buy them?? Im in Italy i have been searching in the bookstores but they dont have it here …

  18. Caleb

    What happens if we are at the top of a bubble, a massive one, which means that at the bottom there will be plenty of supply and no demand?

  19. Forrest Culviner

    How do i find my first deal

  20. Wheelsmcdeals ace

    owing taxes to the gov here. just how dangerous is it to buy a house? anyone!