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Before You Buy Rental Property Inspection Video WalkThrough – Sneak Preview

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The Top 5 Reasons You Should Buy Rental Property

5 Best Reasons to Buy Rental Property – Best Reasons to Investing In Real Estate – Why you should Buy Rental Property – Why you should Buy Investment Property – Use Other People’s Money to Buy Real Estate – Real Estate Appreciation – Real Estate Cash Flow – Real Estate Tax Shelter – Property Management … Continue reading

How to buy investment property with little money down

More information on how to buy real estate with less money down: Buying a rental property can be expensive. Most banks require investors put at least 20 percent down. Many buyers do not have that much cash, especially when you consider there are more costs involved like repairs and reserves. There are many ways … Continue reading

Buying Rental Real Estate Properties for Cash Flow and Income 2017

Learn how I invested in dozens of rental properties while teaching ESL abroad and retired early. Facebook: Real estate is a passion of mine. I have not been involved in the stock market for a very long time after a few things took place: 1.) I got my @$$ handed to me and … Continue reading

Buying Rental Properties with Credit: Good or Bad? | Morris Invest Live

Buying Rental Properties with Credit: Good or Bad? | Morris Invest Live On this live stream, Clayton and Natali Morris are answering your questions on the topic of credit and financing. You’ll learn about buying rental properties with credit, and how to evaluate financial products. Here are the questions for the topic of credit & … Continue reading

The Basics To Investing in Rental Property – Rental Property Investments Are Great For Building Lasting Wealth. Here’s A Quick Video Explaining The Basics To Investing In Rental Properties… Hi, this is Frank Chen with, the only site you need as a real estate investor. Today I’ve got a quick video on the basics to investing in rental property, also known … Continue reading

All Up In Yo’ Business: Putting Property in an LLC

Learn more about LLCs by viewing Avoiding the Risks of the Single Member LLC at “Should I put my investment or rental property in an LLC?” I get asked this a lot. I mean, a lot. Putting an investment or rental property into a limited liability company (LLC) can be a fantastic way to … Continue reading

My First Rental Property – Duplex 6 Year Buy & Hold

My First Rental Property – Duplex 6 Year Buy & Hold This is brief scenario of my first rental property the acquisition, renting and disposition. This property was located in SW Atlanta, and I was able to make out pretty decent I believe from my first investment property. I know that getting your first rental … Continue reading

How to Get a Loan to Buy Rental Property?

How to Get a Loan to Buy Rental Property? Personal Website: How to Stack Your Money: Landlord Blueprint: First Rental Property Webinar: What the Real Estate Gurus Don’t Tell You: Email: Social Media: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Periscope: SnapChat: LinkedIn: YouTube: … Continue reading

Rental Property | How To Buy Rental Property

Rental Property How to buy Rental Property for Profit. Discover how to find and buy rental real estate below value for instant equity and monthly cash flow. Rental properties that bring you value for years to come. Hi this is Zrock and if you are watching this video right now, you want to know … Continue reading