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Buying Canadian Real Estate Harder for foreign Investors

CIBC Kills Foreign Income Program, Makes Buying Canadian Real Estate Harder

Buying A House Through “Mortgage” – Kenya’s Real Estate

The Kenyan property market has been experiencing an unprecedented boom in recent times. Lucy Kamau seeks to inform and educate you on ALL that you may need to know concerning “Kenya’s Real Estate”. Kenya’s Real Estate on Facebook –

Is OPM Real? Buying Real Estate with Other People’s Money

Is OPM Real? Can you really buy real estate with Other People’s Money? We live in a time when everyone’s trying to figure how to do everything by themselves. There are several different sources of other people’s money and I have found several that work amazingly well for me. You’ll learn how to acquire OPM … Continue reading

Real Estate in Thailand Looking to Buy Real Estate in Thailand? if you are interested in Buying Property in Thailand and particularly buying houses for sale in Chiang Mai, then check out today. A video of a new home we are looking at. The price of the home in this video is below… In one of Chiang Mai’s … Continue reading

Greece real estate – Costs of buying

6 MUST know tips on the costs of buying real estate in Greece. From taxes to real estate agent fees, The Greek Guru ( helps shine light on what home owners can expect to pay for when buying that dream house!

7 Tips When Buying Commercial Real Estate from Long Distance

You can successfully own commercial real estate long distance if you keep these 7 important tips in mind. Since some of the best commercial property investments may not be in your own backyard, understanding how to own them long distance is critical to successful investors.

Is housing/real estate a good investment? (Investing for beginners)

Most of us buy a house with the expectation and the hope that its price will increase quickly. The reality is that all investors must keep their eyes on the earnings. Meaning, you should be more conscious about what you are getting for what you are paying rather than hope that the price will advance … Continue reading

Where To Buy Real Estate In Las Vegas

New housing communities coming to Lake Las Vegas!

Deadly Mistakes Cash Investors Make – How To Invest Safely – Real Estate Investing Real estate investment expert, Joe Crump, teaches zero down investing techniques. Learn foreclosures, short sales, subject to, land contracts, multi-mortgage and other creative real estate financing structures. Free newsletter teaches you how: Six Month Mentor Program Read Joe Crump’s Blog: Joe Crump’s website: Read the transcript: Joe: Hey, it’s Joe … Continue reading

Buying Real Estate with Bitcoin?? Using my Bitpay debit card, exciting day!

Check out my twitter @profitlockr for a recent CNBC news article stating the first ever real estate transaction was exchanged in BITCOIN. We will soon be buying real estate with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other stable Cryptocurrencies. Using my bitpay card for the first time to withdraw cash and to buy me some Chic-fil-a lunch!! … Continue reading