When looking to buy kids skates, there are several factors to consider. The first dilemma for those looking at roller skating options is whether to plump for inline skates (with wheels in a single line) or traditional ‘quad’ roller skates (with two wheels on each row). Both can serve the beginner equally well, although, with practice, a more consistent speed can be more easily built up with inline skates. If opting for inline skates, it is usually more appropriate for a child to choose ‘recreational’ ones rather than the more specialist and competitive ‘speed’ or ‘aggressive’ inline skates.

Roller skate size will usually closely match the child’s normal shoe size. For a child whose feet are still growing it may be worth looking around for adjustable kids skates as these can be easily modified as and when a child’s feet grow. If ice skates are the expressed interest of a child then a careful distinction will need to be made between those ice skates that are more suitable for figure skating; those that are designated as more general ‘recreational’ ice skates; and those that are tougher and better designed to withstand the impact of sports such as ice hockey.

For ice skates, the choice of size is usually determined by opting for one size higher than the child’s normal shoe size. Finally, whichever type is chosen it is imperative that full protective gear is worn whilst skating. This includes a helmet (which may of course require replacing periodically if a child is still growing); elbow pads, knee pads and wrist guards. It is also strongly recommended that children take skating lessons.

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