Considering Investing in Real Estate Out of State?

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Investing in real estate can be a daunting task, especially if you are investing in real estate out of state. Here’s a few pointers. We discuss this process of being an absentee owner in our ebook.

15 Responses to Considering Investing in Real Estate Out of State?

  1. Zabrina Horton

    What kind of dog is he/she?


    Great advice!

  3. Darrick

    Why don't you invest in Atlanta?

  4. Frank B

    do you have an audio book? i drive for a living.

  5. Nina Garner

    hey Pablo thank you for sharing great info i will be investing out of town without big rehab

  6. Terron Winn

    hey bro I am new to your channel and I subscribed becuase the videos I seen so far are highly educational! I am that dude tht sits in my office and watch youtube videos about investing in real estate. yest, I want invest in other states and not in my own backyard because its too expensive. I live in san Diego and in not financially there yet to buy rental property here. what do you think about this site. its turnkey rentals for sale..

  7. ulisz

    I need a mentor like you! I have the same goals u had/have.

  8. David Duncan

    are you a real estate agent?

  9. Mafa Justice

    I think your tube channel is very informative n I'm listening all the from South Africa. I would to your methods. Thanks

  10. junior delmonte

    Would you be able to have me lock arms with some wholesalers in this city ?

  11. junior delmonte

    Juan great breakdown and funny you speak of Pittsburgh PA I'm actually out here planning on moving out here yesterday looking for vacant homes

  12. Beta Way

    Can't wait to meet this cat. I am in the suck free city, Frisco. Might have to come to the event in Chicago. ATTENTION YOUTUBERSIf your in the Atlanta area and you don't look this guy up your missing a great opportunity.Don't sleep on Juan Pablo!!! Take Action NOW!

  13. Niasia & Cliff-Mega

    I Purchased many of things from you, cause I appreciate the knowledge. 😍 I'm learning knowledge without experience is foolish. Working on taking action now

  14. Mark Jones II

    Thanks for the shout out and video big bro!! You will be making a few thousand once I get that business credit haha!

  15. Gold Silver

    Thanks juan, I purchased the credit repair already, in process of building great credit. I'm about to buy your wholesale realestate product soon. Chuck