Deutschebank Shares Slide As Major Chinese Financiers Begin US Real Estate Firesale!

One of Deutschebank’s Major Shareholders has just hit a wall HNA has defaulted on several obligations and being one of the major banks financiers it has spooked investors. HNA has several real estate investments in major areas and has announced it is going to begin to liquidate it’s investments. Bankruptcy can have that effect on you sometimes.

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    Here's hoping Derivatives are next…

  2. a64750

    or Federal Reserve could shred 4.5 Trillion in US Bonds on its books and reduce National debt
    since 2009, lots of folks missed out in the mother of all bull markets in history. There no problem, until there's a problem

  3. Andrew Wolf

    If I remember correctly, this is the same time of year in 2008 when the market started doing wacky gyrations. But the nasty stuff didn't happen until the fall.

  4. Albert David Sutton

    Not much coverage I've seen about HNA collapse. Very interesting that its strings could pull on Douche Bank. These things take a little time to work through the system. Must keep a heads up on this.

  5. StepStepBrother

    Cash? Stocks? Bonds? No thanks to the paper. Real estate is taxed each and every year. One thousand grams of silver can be ordered for less than $600. Stash it inside an old (heavy) console CRT based TV. IMO it will sell for over $100 per gram within a couple of years. This situation is easy for many to foresee. Buy an ounce for under $20 today and it might sell for over $3000 by the next Summer Olympics.

  6. parker carbad

    My own cashpoint was not dispensing cash today in the Uk,this may not be significant ,it may have simply run out of notes,but either way it is friday and i would be without money for the whole weekend,had i not already removed and kept some of my own money at home….Deutsche bank will do that too at some point i expect !

  7. vincent parlante

    I think it's hard to tell if this is the Big one regarding the markets. I do think there are a lot people out there talking on different angles as to which way the stock market and economy is going. And I personally?? Like Mr. Bill Bonner as I feel he has hit spot on a huge number of points regarding the economy and markets. But at this very moment and day of the year of 2018 ?? I think we could be on a very fine line as to what's to come …. yes the Big one …Thee ?? Crash. But as always there are many different feeding lines that could obviously either really in my view push this thing over the edge ??? Or slow it down…one thing is for sure . If the economy is doing as great as so many are selling as doing then why the worry over raising interest rates?? I mean you and me ?? We are all being sold on this beautiful but bogus great job's reports and earnings now are really by some views are really picking up with increasing wages or employee income… sorry but for me ?? I don't see the similar points on bonuses and increase to wage . But I'm sure the pot smoking coke snorting fast thing cheaters with our money will show you their math or formula as to how they literally are linked as the same ??? B.S. propaganda. Anyway ?? I've choked on this horse pill today ?? And this week enough time to go drink a tall heavy cocktail have my valium and smoke a fat …cigar and drift off to?? Where perhaps no man has gone before….a good night's rest …lol…😪

  8. Masfaith3

    The dollar "bill" is a crypto. It's all digital. Don't be deceived by words, block chain crypto, etc. It's a;; digital even the dollar is a digital currency. You don't think they are actually printing 70 trillion paper dollars do you?Are you actually trading dollar bills in the stock market or digital, pretend dollars? Think! It's all just 1's and 0's. Electronic pretend currency. It's all in your head, in your imagination. What you believe. The power grid goes down , never comes back. It's all gone. It isn't real! God is definitely real! You can feel God feel his love and have and use his power. Crypto is powerless!

  9. Masfaith3

    crypto is CIA! Globalist! Don't deceive yourself! Who had the idea of crypto first? NWO. Are people that stupid? You are fighting God when you side with elitist and their crypto currency! It's the devil!
    banker means thief! There is no difference between fake paper dollars and those who are behind that scam! There is no dfference between The fed and crypto dealers and their Fake gold crypto coins. They are equally EVIL! It's stealing! Globalist invented and are behind crypto currency!
    Article: DID A 1988 ECONOMIST MAGAZINE PREDICT A BITCOIN EXPLOSION IN 2018? Currency has always been, not just in my opinion but based on what we see in society, a means to control the human race. It has also been used as a tool to further widen the wealth gap, putting most of the resources in the hands of the “1 percent.”

  10. 4711Express

    Oh besides the Chinese investors there are a lot of other things to worry about in the USA

  11. steve w

    Could this be the next Lehmans moment

  12. The Rocket Radio Show

    10 yr bonds and italy.

  13. burdickd2

    Bounce, bounce, bounce. The poo is hitting the fan. Yes.

  14. Kevin Brown
  15. jdwalker0726

    Keep up the good work brother you are the cliff notes or haiku of the financial post .did that make scene? Ok coarse it did. Be safe everyone.

  16. Marco Andrango

    Thanks again for the up to date info. You are helping those with ears that listen to be aware of danger before it hits. keep up the great work!

  17. Hyda313

    Keep the truth coming!!!!

  18. Dimitri Vincheov

    finally Douche Bank came back down to earth…i did say 2 to 3 years ago that they were the next Lehman Bros…watch their stock…if it gets below 12 and if then goes to 10 USD/share…they are in trouble (similar to what Lehman was before it bottomed out). Already down to 15 USD. the fact we have "investment banks" is all you need to know how crooked the world is…banks should be a safe haven, not a casino machine.

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