Don’t Buy A House || Mortgage is Death Pledge || Live Debt Free || Fix Credit Fast

Fix Credit: Don’t Buy A House! Mortgage is a death pledge! Live Debt Free.

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If you can pay off a mortgage in 7 years then it may be okay to buy a home.

The word mortgage is derived from a “Law French” term used by English lawyers in the Middle Ages meaning “death pledge”, and refers to the pledge ending (dying) when either the obligation is fulfilled or the property is taken through foreclosure. — (

Why you shouldn’t buy a house:

Kevin O’Leary don’t buy a home:


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20 Responses to Don’t Buy A House || Mortgage is Death Pledge || Live Debt Free || Fix Credit Fast

  1. Lord D

    Basically, live within your means, don't live to just buy things, learn investing, passive income like, having your monies work for you, and do it while you're young.

  2. nancyxtay

    Grant Cardone tries to tell people this all the time! He is a multimillionaire so worth listening to.

  3. Isaac Spencer

    I don't understand this logic. Parents paid off there house last year. 56 years old. Taxes and such are much less than what renting would be in their neighborhood. So how is renting better? Your not dropping $1000 or more a month for maintenance

  4. Casey Dylan

    Rent is always more than mortgage. You're paying the homeowners mortgage plus they want to make profit so it's always more expensive. People saying not to buy a home are just being sensational to get views.

  5. Gabriel Martinez

    I would agree if you cannot financially support a mortgage to not buy a home, but if you have the financial means to do so DO IT! The market is volatile and no one can predict interest rates and programs in assisting the purchase process. If you can do it, do it.

  6. Darryl McClain

    My philosophy personally is don't buy a house unless you have the cash for it in full. It's too expensive to mortgage especially if you have to do renovations & get insurance.

  7. Darryl McClain

    I agree 5000%. Ppl need to know

  8. ithixa Wolf

    Thumbs up. We are out of debt we don't owe anyone anything .we own our car and rent a very large one bedroom apartment.its happiness.theres no welfare. Our family of four lives off one income of 2000 a month and it's considered below poverty but we live so well you can't tell. Don't get owned!!!!!!!

  9. jake marlow

    I generally agree with you although different people have different situations. Here's what I've learned after 6 years of home ownership. (1) Houses are expensive to maintain. It's a box that does nothing but deteriorate over time. Stuff is always breaking. (2) The "Joneses" on your street will subtly make you feel like you have to keep your house looking extra nice, so you will be spending money on BS trinkets. (3) If you have a girlfriend/wife, they will be spending you money on the most frivolous useless BS because they are genetically programmed to next. (4) The mortgage deduction is not so great that it justifies buying a house. So, the tricky part comes down to rent. Where I live (SoCal), rents are absolutely absurd. I retire in a couple of year so I will sell my house and move to a place where the rents are reasonable. I will never buy another house again. It's an anchor.

  10. Callimo

    Really. Houses aren't an investment? That why my mom sold her house for 2 mil when she bought it for 300k in the past? Suuure such a "bad" investment. xD

  11. jeannette

    This is the dumbest video. You should be sewed!!! Have you ever heard of equity???? No its not a liquid asset. BUY A HOUSE! Do not rent!!! That is the biggest waste of money. I bought my house for 140,000 its worth $375,000 now…

  12. Dalton Beauregard

    Use the money to buy 12-36 units. Rent where you live, buy what you rent out.

  13. Hey Arnold

    Buy a home think Long term when your home is payed off so that you can retire someday and not worry about paying rent

  14. Damian B

    Usually a renter is paying a tax as well, because it's already in a rent lol, dude I rent places and there are a lot of tricks, owner always wind, it's like Vegas lol, be a winner not a renter!

  15. Damian B

    What a shitty video, yeah ok, rent till you die, i prefer to own stuff and out of them. Cheers!

  16. Miguel Bosch

    I mean the video name alone is very off base. Live debt free then it says fix credit. The two are contradictory. Also he states mortgage is a death pledge, but the death in mortgage is until the life of the mortgage is through, meaning the debt is repaid or the person owing has passed.

  17. Hector Cortes Vazquez

    I'll make it simple –
    I see this mistake on every single one of these videos.
    Rent- rent rises today it may be 1,000 but rent is increasing at a higher rate. In OC for example the reports state that rent is to increase by 19%! By 2022….
    mortgage on a fixed rate- won't change for the life of a loan.
    Do the math. Please include that in your calculations….

  18. That Vegan Hippie

    People wouldnt be landlords if they werent making money off of tenants.

  19. MizuKageG

    I think he means don't buy a house if you'll be getting a mortgage. If you're buying a house cash, then that's the best thing you could ever do. And if you can rent it out, even better.

  20. No Name

    How do you OWN a home, when you have a mortgage? You DON'T OWN shit, YOU'RE LEASING….miss THREE payments and see how much you OWN that house then….2nd of all, what's missing is that ppl DON'T know when they signed the PROMISSORY note, their SIGNATURE CREATED THE "Money" to FLAT-OUT "buy" that home, THEN during closing, they trick you to sign the home, YOUR home over to them! BANKS DO NOT LOAN MONEY…BANKS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LOAN MONEY….

    FIX: "Buy" the home then every three months, take your ass down to H & R BLOCK and fill out the OID-99 for those the month mortgage payments, and TELL them to give you the advancement on your RETURN NOW, and in turn they get to keep the return from the IRS, the world's largest collection agency that does NOT have a license to do business in the US of A….

    It's much more to this, than you're being told by any one individual, learn to put the pieces together, that you get from everyone…..

    Remember, so called money does NOT PAY fire anything, it's a PROMISE to pay, bc it's a debt INSTRUMENT, NOT legal money (it's lawful money)…