Do’s and Dont’s When Buying a Home

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20 Responses to Do’s and Dont’s When Buying a Home

  1. Tajj jjat

    can you make a video regards to when buying new home from builder and there real estate agent ? and what to ask for since that agent is now working for the builder should I get my own agent? or should I negotiate until they say no lol , and ask for a lot more things in negotiations…. dos and donts??

  2. MzVan21

    I'm overwhelmed and I'm just searching for information on the steps to buying a house.

  3. Young Prada

    looking for a new home?

  4. Heywood Jablomi

    Dont use an agent. Best decision I ever made. EVER!

  5. Vahe Hayrapetian - Loan Originator

    Going out to buy a house is not that simple. Keeping this tips in mind helps. Thanks for uploading!

  6. Raymond Todd

    Thank you very much

  7. Finlay Brewer - Brook Green

    Those are some nice tips! Getting a qualified real estate agent can help to negotiate the tricky process of buying a home.

  8. Ray Horner

    Don't buy house inside HOA area. You will lose your right with HOA and will cost more.

  9. $1,250 for Referrals

    Thanks for this useful video. It's very informative.

  10. Roberta Christeen

    paying for the house is not what it cost to run it and maintain it    just know that the lender does not care about you  only what money hes gone make

  11. Roberta Christeen

    Julie you wont never own your home so why buy

  12. Neil Ackerman

    Wow great video Julie. All about the real estate tips, wonderfully informative. Keep it up!

  13. adamo property

    When I was looking for a new home I found it so stressful and than I found the "My Ideal Home" app which made my life so much more easier. Check it out via the following link:
    It's well worth the small investment.

  14. Matt Thomas

    thanks.Thats a wonderful tips.

  15. PussMag

    what do you mean my gross income?
    my income is CLEAN, i made it with my sweat and tear

  16. corbfisher

    I'm an agent. I like what you've done here. I also suggest to my buyer (if a first timer especially) to do a budget, then add 10% of their net income to represent a minimum amount of savings they need to be putting away above the all their expenses. Many folks unfortunately don't want to do this until 3 different sources tell them to. I would like your permission to show this to my clients when I take them on. It helps no one (me too) to sell a client a house they can't afford.

  17. TSoftOne

    There are tools to help calculate your monthly payment and affordable loan amount. Get Loan Calculator from to help you analyze your loan.

  18. Eduardo Acevedo

    This video is very informative and I have to say spot on. I couldn't agree more with her suggestions and comments. Especially the point about buying too much house for you. Too many times I have seen a family or individual buy a home they cannot afford.

  19. Ellie Cerasuolo

    Being a Broker; I find it offensive to be considered just a Salesperson. We are required to undergo so much educational training. It's like constantly going to college; which I did that too, first. Then we must take 15 ceu's in education to update us; every two years. We are threatened with our job security constantly with "law suits" if we don't do a perfect job. So you really must love it today, to be in it. I became a Realtor, because my Realtor did such a shoddy job. I care.

  20. iGotFlorida

    Understand you had some bad experience with Realtors. Me too. But there are many of good one out there…believe me. Knowing what I know today as Realtor I would highly suggest to anyone (especially first time home buyers) to work with a Realtor. Find a Realtor that will give you 100% satisfaction guarantee like mine or ask family and friends if they know or experienced a good Realtor.