FIFA 18 – My Player Career w/Storylines – #2 BUYING A HOUSE!!

20 Responses to FIFA 18 – My Player Career w/Storylines – #2 BUYING A HOUSE!!

  1. Cian Allen

    love this series

  2. HeatWavesReloaded

    should add sir barfie boy into the mix i reckon

  3. Doctor Yawnstigator

    Sir Barfie Boy should be in this series!

  4. Michael Mayers

    You sir are doing the Lord's work. Long Live Barfieboy.

  5. dont subscribe pls

    Arsenal career mode tomorrow?

  6. OisomeGaming

    you don’t need a sponsor to wear boots

  7. Henlou2015

    Great job m8

  8. Pyroblaze

    Quality Content

  9. Fluffy Potatoes

    get some different ea sports boots

  10. D.Gray7

    Edward needs a fresh trim 😎😂

  11. Tombstone COLD killer

    Lacazette #1

  12. TheFootballCommunity 11

    Love the ending Barfieboy

  13. Yadnik Jorwar

    The most entertaining Youtuber… Love your videos, man.

  14. Lucas Månsson

    Seriously you should have at least 1 mil subs

  15. Sbe3

    Play on legendary

  16. RizFútbol6

    Upload more, best career mode on youtube

  17. Bling a Ding

    Lacazette for Arsenal is number 1

  18. Elias Madeley

    Superflys probably

  19. Elias Madeley

    Just wear Nike because you can wear anything

  20. pskillz

    Finally what took u so long