Flip House Before & After Renovations ✔

My first flip house, I purchased this house for $13,500, put $11,000 in renovations and did all the work myself and sold it for $55,000.

20 Responses to Flip House Before & After Renovations ✔

  1. lucero76

    Nice job 👍🏼

  2. SohCahToa30

    How long did this project take to do by yourself?

  3. Orbis non Sufficit

    Didn’t know you could buy houses anywhere for 55k. Some size of a place as well.

  4. simcrime.com

    Looks like a 200 thou house. bad neighborhood

  5. A D

    Dang good job!!

  6. dedalliance1

    Maybe I missed it. But how long did it take for you to finish the house? Was a good job none the less, though.

  7. gigi trump

    You did a great job. Liked the curtains.

  8. lewisner

    4.00 is amazing. A house with a staircase and living room like that in the UK would cost you half a million.

  9. Dario Alexander

    Man that was a sweet deal being already updated on the outside and you did an awesome job on the inside.

  10. pink sparkle

    Good job and I love the black doors. Your Dog is Cute.

  11. Chris Martinez

    Good job Alex. I have watched a lot of your Pit bull vids and just stumbled on this one. My brother and I are looking to do this very thing, Moving to Kansas. Also we are looking for property to hopefully open a Put bull rescue. We shall see how things go. But I had to give credit for the work you have done on this house, good work bud.

  12. Lily MonsterMeat

    Id love to know more about how you made the old floors look so great, we're dealing with some of the same right now. Great video, great work!

  13. Lily MonsterMeat

    so for the old walls, you didnt rip them out, you just covered them in. Was it properly insulated underneath?

  14. babyparabola

    LOVE the black doors, but man, it's sacrilege what you did to the original antique fireplace tile.

  15. Lovin' Life Marilyn

    Wow that's amazing! Loved it!

  16. It's Tabaitha

    Beautiful! A house like that here in Maryland wouldn't sell for anything less than $200,000. Those homeowners are so lucky!

  17. brian cook

    great job. absolutely beautiful

  18. Yasmin Ribeiro

    It is a big house.

  19. Lego loser

    The main foyer is beautiful! Such a cheap price compared to where I live 😱

  20. yajnaree

    This house is worth a 100k more. Job well done.