Flip House – Before and After Renovations

Here is a property in West Seneca, NY that was renovated by Joe Jerge and his redevelopment team in a span of 9 months. This property was originally built in 1935 and has 1747 square feet on 2 acres of land.

This house was sold “as is”, and so on top of renovating the house, Joe also had an estate sale to sell what was left inside of the house.

Renovation projects completed:
New vinyl siding, new roof, new roof on garage, new front porch and steps. All new bamboo flooring throughout the house. Renovated kitchen with brand new cabinets and granite countertops. Renovated two full bathrooms to the studs and even replaced joists on the first floor that had rotted. New insulation, new electric, new plumbing. Created an open floor plan on the first floor to open the living room to the kitchen.

After spending about $80,000 on the renovation, the house sold for $150,000 MORE than the original cost of the house, bringing a profit of $70,000. Joe’s wife Sandra Jerge was the realtor of this property and helped to design and stage the rooms.

If you live in the Buffalo, NY area and are in need of real estate services, contact Sandra Jerge at http://homes.metroroberts.com/idx/agent/104329/sandra-jerge

20 Responses to Flip House – Before and After Renovations

  1. Just Me

    Beautiful.. great job!

  2. Optimal Opinion

    That "living room" is a disaster for furniture placement. I would have definitely removed that entry wall if possible.

  3. Learning as I go

    The before looks like it foreclosed 🙁

  4. Blanca W

    Looks beautiful! All the updates buyers are looking for. Very tasteful and well done. I always feel a little sad looking at the before and seeing all the items that were there for the estate sale. Looked like an older person passed away and all their things were still there. To us it looks like pure junk but to them it was their whole life. They worked a lifetime to pay for all these things and then they pass away and somebody throws them all away. Not to take anything away from you or the beautiful job you did, just a general comment on the way things are. Hope you were able to make a good return on the sale of this home!

  5. Michelle Covington

    This was the cutest little house excellent flip.

  6. JaneJarve

    It looks gorgeous! The flooring looked particularly tasteful. An estate sale – never came across that term I have to confess. Is that when someone dies with no known relatives? Sad to see a life abruptly end and strangers having to try to meaningfully dispose of personal belongings. The house was beautifully transformed, it looks a fabulous family size home. Well done all involved – a top quality end result!

  7. Electrical Forces

    The house looks fantastic. But whats with the shower curtains in the bathroom. Surely you can install glass doors bring that modern feel to to bathroom.

  8. Ciecie Newson

    Wonderful home. Job well done. ~Smile!

  9. NaturallyKoily Kuteness

    Gorgeous house.

  10. Sheri M

    What is the name of the flooring?

  11. Ruby Marsden

    I was blown away by this one. So disgusting beforehand but a brilliant finish. Good work guys !!

  12. jade foshee

    why would someone have to leave all their things behind?

  13. handyt butler

    camera work is awful, spinnng around and too close up.. couldn't watch the video.

  14. Laura B.

    As someone in the market for a house right now, this is a house I would purchase. The renovations are quality and what I would be willing to pay for. Too many flip houses have super cheap looking upgrades, and I'm not going to pay for someone else's materials and labor that I would need to turn around and replace. Great job, very tastefully done!

  15. Karen Weber

    wow! excellent!

  16. Lakario Davis

    omg i was in love with the house before. afterwards was like I could live there for the rest of my life lol. you guys done an excellent outstanding job!

  17. Cayanna P

    Y'all out of toilet paper upstairs…

  18. Dorothy Puntarich

    Great job!!!!!!

  19. terri faunteroy

    in tremendous need of help for my house Jesus!!

  20. Simple Life Of Me SAssy

    Beautiful house