Flip That Hoarder House: Before and After Ep3

Watch this trashed filled house turn into a beautiful home in this before and after walk-through.

Cameras I use:
Panasonic – super clear and steady with optical image stabilizer! http://amzn.to/2x9aOBE

JVC Quadproof – Underwater camera and built tough, but still has zoom and looks like a normal camcorder! http://amzn.to/2tihhKG

20 Responses to Flip That Hoarder House: Before and After Ep3

  1. Janis DavisJanis

    How much did you make on this one? Sorry, I m just wondering the cost of hoarding here……

  2. Stephen White

    thak you but did and his good god thak jues for you now jues but his and you good

  3. Stephen White

    thak good but all you thak his how jues now for bee to did jues but his good god

  4. K Lynn

    I can't believe people would treat a beautiful home that way. Nice job on the home and filming! Just beautiful!

  5. lewisner

    The front is a bit odd. It looks as though it needs a driveway instead of just grass.

  6. Jesus is Lord

    i dont think this is hoader house
    just very very very badly trashed house

  7. Debbie Larocque

    OMG !!! Wtf happened ? Eww

  8. Don't stop

    The silence is scary

  9. marie Welch

    I love the floors. Very nice place.

  10. Amanda H

    What a difference!! Will you be replacing the counters in the kitchen? They look pretty worse for wear and dated.

  11. sweet562 Mart

    This is a bad ass before and after video😀 great job!!

  12. CottonPonyLover

    damn good cleanup

  13. CottonPonyLover

    it looks pretty outside but I can't believe people choose to live like this.

  14. Bertimder

    Is this an American house? I have never seen an American house with vitro-ceramic.

  15. emilyrl

    Oh my gosh are those used maxi pads? Excuse me…

    *barfs uncontrollably"

  16. المحترف السعودي سعودي

    المنزل موقعة جميل جدا ..ارجو ان يكون بمقدوري عمل منزل مثله 😣💔

  17. المحترف السعودي سعودي

    اهلا بكم انا من السعودية ..البيت النظيف يدخل السعادة للشخص لذلك احرصوا على النظافة

  18. Stacey Bledsoe

    I hope you replaced the counter tops in the kitchen before listing the house. There isn't enough bleach in the world that would make me want to eat anything prepared on those counters. I gagged when I noticed they weren't changed.

  19. Ricky Sterio

    Is this a Texas house ?

  20. mariidee2

    All that surrounding land is a danger to kids