FLIP THIS HOUSE ! ( roswell st. rehab episode 1 )

In episode one, me and April, my free helper, go through the house to pull off some panels on kitchen wall, take out some old tires, clean up some junk left in the house, and go into the attic to check insulation.



12 Responses to FLIP THIS HOUSE ! ( roswell st. rehab episode 1 )

  1. 19RioR93

    Love a women who can do real work!

  2. electricalron

    How come April's not wearing heels & thigh highs?

  3. Raynell Holmes

    ahhh, whats her ethnicity?

  4. Frances Liufau

    I see less of the house but more of her ass. dude you are a pervert spending more time filming her boobies & her ass than working on flipping the house.

  5. Brian Gertsch

    what a hacker

  6. Adog6869

    you are a hack. You are really thinking of keeping the panel board.

  7. Adog6869

    you see how the perv keeps panning down to her ass. Please explain if this is staged or did she really show up in her underwear.

  8. exroyalcanadian

    What's happening on the site when the camera isn't rolling lol

  9. Bucko

    Big fan of Aprils uniform.

  10. Frapo Chino

    Man you got this poor girl ripping walls and breathing in all the mold and asbestos. Get her a damn mask.

  11. Ed Va

    Production value of your videos just vent through the roof.

  12. vin qua

    omg, shes sexy…