FLIPPING HOUSES 🏠 | How Much to Wholesale Properties For to Cash Buyer


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Daniel Wiafe is a real estate entrepreneur, coach, TV personality who was featured on HGTV’s Flipping the Heartland with his wife Melinda Wiafe & son, Malachi. Daniel got started flipping houses in Tulsa, OK and is now a real estate entrepreneur and a wholesaling real estate coach.

Daniel is also a MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER and a SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING EXPERT. You may contact him to hire him in this realm as well.

In this house flipping & wholesaling real estate educational video, you’re going to learn the following:

🏠 | How Much to Wholesale Properties For to Cash Buyer

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  1. Daniel Wiafe

    Learn How to Wholesale Houses on the Free Webinar. http://HouseFlippingDojo.com/webinar

  2. shawn hogue

    Shawn from Louisville, Ky. Just moved back very recently

  3. Vernon Moorer

    Vernon from Oakland CA
    as always good stuff Daniel!

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    Duane Bonton
    Jacksonville Florida

  5. Kilduce

    Big Daddy – Nashville

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    Mike…. SoCal

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