FLIPPING HOUSES – How Jay Makes $60,000-$100,000/Monthly Flipping 8-12 Houses a Month!


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Daniel Wiafe is a real estate entrepreneur, coach, TV personality who was featured on HGTV’s Flipping the Heartland with his wife Melinda Wiafe & son, Malachi. Daniel got started flipping houses in Tulsa, OK and is now a real estate entrepreneur and a wholesaling real estate coach.

Daniel is also a MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER and a SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING EXPERT. You may contact him to hire him in this realm as well.

In this house flipping & wholesaling real estate educational video, you’re going to learn the following:

How Jay Makes $60,000-$100,000/Monthly Flipping 8-12 Houses a Month!

Youtube Video: https://youtu.be/giCt61Nt8yk
My Blog: http://houseflippingninja.com
Learn How to Flip Houses: http://www.houseflippingdojo.com

19 Responses to FLIPPING HOUSES – How Jay Makes $60,000-$100,000/Monthly Flipping 8-12 Houses a Month!

  1. Daniel Wiafe

    http://HouseFlippingDojo.com/webinar — FREE Webinar on How to Wholesale Houses

  2. terry brad

    Email me @coolhouseguy@gmail

  3. HEROSE37

    Any info on freedom mentors

  4. Haniry A

    Thanks ninja.. Good stuff

  5. Frederick Johnson

    Sup Daniel Wiafe Question.
    If a wholesaler has a property under contract with a private owner. But wants to Co wholesale with another wholesaler that has a buyer for his property. Hmm can the wholesaler that has the buyer put the property under contract with the wholesaler that already has the property under contract with the original owner and can he or she use an assignment contract to do so and will the original owner know about all individuals involved in Deal to make the purchase happen and will the new wholesaler that has the end buyer and the property under contract with the person he or she wants Co wholesale with still be in control of the deal and use the Co wholesaler name or LLC on a assignable contract to close the real estate wholesale deal?

  6. riq22

    i hear you talk about abandoned signs .what are abandoned signs?

  7. Tiffany Daniels

    What is pro bates

  8. Craig Barry

    Good to track you down !

  9. 17DegreesPositive

    Daniel, this is the guy is the first guy who talks freely about doing wholesaling in other states besides his primary area; do you have any more info on how to do wholesaling in other states? Virtual wholesaling maybe?

  10. Angela Harris

    Hello Jay! i have 40 properties in your market, would like to wholesale them, some are apartments most are single family, LET'S TALK! i can send my number to your email, thanks!

  11. Ahzar Chaayal

    Great Info I Am Planning On Getting Into Real Estate Real Soon You Will Definitely Be Hearing From Me Soon

  12. Dinero Productions

    Hey Daniel How do You get your buyers to pay all closing Cost , do you make up a contract for that ?

  13. Tony Jor

    hello daniel…I like your videos..been interested in investing for some time now. two questions…1. when you/he's flipping that many houses a month and you say they're tore up, boarded house..would it be like houses you see that are in Ohio areas that are 20k or even 5k? 2. when you guys flip houses is it get the contract and flip for a profit..or get the house and do a full remodel..or a mixture of both? take care

  14. Matthew Mitchell

    Mr. Wiafe, im new to wholesaling and i cant seem to get my phone ringing here in oklahoma, theres alot of wholesalers here they are even advertising on tv i cant afford that bandit signs are against the law here i have done post cards and still cant get my phone ringing i dont have alot of money to advertise like these other wholesalers. Its been 45 days and i havent done one deal. Tell me how to get some customers calling me im doing vacant house and every thing i spend hours on the phone but its still not happening i want investment property also im having a hard time finding private money to finance me long term because im new how do i get over that to get them to finance my deal. I need help im openn man. Thank you

  15. Nikoli Skinner

    Great stuff! I'm trying to get the free gifts but when I email it doesn't send me anything 🙁

  16. Walker Clark

    Great content fellas! Thank you for taking the time.

  17. Ghostman80

    How much does your coaching cost?

  18. Maya Khalil

    Is there any way I can get in contact with you via email

  19. Bill Ransom

    Thanks guys! this was an interesting video. Right now, I can't even dream of doing that many deals per month. ;-(