Flipping Vegas Dream House

Flipping Vegas “Dream House”

20 Responses to Flipping Vegas Dream House

  1. tubewatcher38

    Dino didn't make the open house party?

  2. Starr Villa

    My favorite show ever

  3. Mickeyislowd

    Aimee needs to ditch her husband. He's nothing but a selfish winging assole. He just grinds her down 100 times per day !

  4. JoshuaM

    the way they talked to Dino and the work men they deserved to be over budget

  5. PokerQueen87

    Am i the only one that thinks hes gay?


    I like this couple big braaaaavo

  7. parkour boss Tedward

    They are all maxican

  8. Gilang Riantomo

    This show has more drama than keemstar

  9. Richard Nightcore

    31:09 woow those prices are to fucking low -.-
    5.300 for the whole kitchen of that size, i thought at the start that he said it was a premium house xD
    even normaal kitchen in my country are not that cheap and those are 4 times as small

  10. Paul Park

    These two guys are so fucking dramatic

  11. jim andy

    9 weeks lol, theres no way that was done in 9 weeks

  12. Cold German Beer

    Ugly colors and design choices. Someone would have to have their head examined to pay that kind of money when there are far superior properties in the area.

  13. Spartan 9

    Hey Scott and Amie. Im from Indonesia, I love watch your tv show 💖

  14. Ren Jay

    All I see is a bunch of failed abortions complaining about the show down here. Cancer.

  15. ubertser

    these show are full of shit, its a show that's all it is

  16. Jess jms

    I'm just so happy it worked out. So much stress. I'm just so happy they made good profit for their efforts

  17. Rachel Lim

    He's always sounded like Shane Dawson to me 🤔

  18. Gamer Master 22

    I love you guys

  19. liverightandexercise

    webinar on flipping houses taught by Barbara from Shark Tank follow the link https://tinyurl.com/yaaac867

  20. 60515so